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Hell yea man ! Tbh darrel just need that purple beard and a blacktooth in his hand and he be looking like dimebag almost.

I might be completly in the wrong here...buuuut are you or anyone in the devteam a pantera fan or atleast into metal. Because i mean  Darrel as in Dimebag Darrel the guitarist from pantera/damageplan? Cliff as in cliff Burton the old bassist for metallica "rip cliff" etc. I might be super wrong but I have a sneaking suspicion xD

Thank you for the feedback. And dont worry about taking your time. I have a feeling it Will be worth it in the end


Hell yes :)

Are we able to date axel or dom yet :p

holy...fucking...shit this was so awesome !!! Well worth the wait !! you outdid yourself!

so hyped for the continuation of this vn ❤

Im going to be completly honest. I have watched this vn come up in my feed many times browsing for something new to read. I never gave it a chance untill now and let me just say how sorry i am to not have read it sooner. Holy shit im blown away. This is the coolest got damn vn i have ever read. I love it holy shiy i love it. You just got yourself a new patreon member because i dont want to miss a thing that comes out from this!!!

Wow...just wow. What an absolute delight of a VN. I loved every single moment of this.

whooooooooo :D

Any updates to Bestest boi koshiro <3 ?

Anyone heard from Basket ? :/ its been a while now and cant help to think something might have happend to them

Hi grizz. Played the to the end of Deans route and i loved it. Dean being best boi and all but im a little confused. Are we not going to see what was going on at the house, a conclusion of what was happening?Just wondering because Deans route ends with them going to bed

When i am supposed to go to mia in the med bay after i get a text from her she wanting to speak to me she just keeps telling me she is trying to work and i cant make any progress after that point forward. Im on pc and reloading the game and installing dont help either :(

You take the time you need to get the results that you want.We will be here. Looking forward to the update. And you have yourself a merry christmas and a happy new year ! <3

My deepest condolences. His music was passion filled, intense and he was indeed very,very talented. I am so sorry. This is truly a big loss. May he rest peacefully ❤

Any updates on koshiros route ? :)

Looks awesome !!

Leigh best boi ❤

axel, pls be axel


Lake is best boi <3

ok. Thanks

Hello again. Sry for spewing out so many questions. Is James the only dateble character or are there more ?

I gotta say. I really love the whole 80:s vibe. The retrowave music, the artstyle. so cool. You have outdone yourself on this bud !

cheers bud ! i must have  downloaded the demo version instead  (slaps forehead)

loved the game. But i did buy it and still only got the demo. How do i get the full game ?

looks awesome !

Love the new expressions for gil. So cute.

Love the vn and your work

downloaded it but the game still ends after vex gets shot :(

im playing it now and got damn i love the fightmusic so much. sounds like Nine Inch Nails :P . great stuff , great update storywise . well worth the wait !

I dont think this is a problem on your end. Im just being big dumb lol. It says that when i unpack the files via dropbox to my folder it says "failed to unpack "

Hey Cetus ! Im having problems downloading it on pc via dropbox.i might be stupid but i just dont know how lol

Hey. im having an issue. whenever i try to reload a save there is just a black screen. so i have to restart everytime. Im on pc by the way

take all the time you need. we will be here

ty very much ! appreciate the help :P !!

Is it possible to make a VN without knowing how to draw characters ? I know you could pay an artist to help you out but i would if i had the finance to do so. i just want to get into the whole renpy coding and start fiddling around with it but i cant fucking draw XD HEEEELP