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holy...fucking...shit this was so awesome !!! Well worth the wait !! you outdid yourself!

so hyped for the continuation of this vn ❤

Im going to be completly honest. I have watched this vn come up in my feed many times browsing for something new to read. I never gave it a chance untill now and let me just say how sorry i am to not have read it sooner. Holy shit im blown away. This is the coolest got damn vn i have ever read. I love it holy shiy i love it. You just got yourself a new patreon member because i dont want to miss a thing that comes out from this!!!

Wow...just wow. What an absolute delight of a VN. I loved every single moment of this.

whooooooooo :D

Any updates to Bestest boi koshiro <3 ?

Anyone heard from Basket ? :/ its been a while now and cant help to think something might have happend to them

Hi grizz. Played the to the end of Deans route and i loved it. Dean being best boi and all but im a little confused. Are we not going to see what was going on at the house, a conclusion of what was happening?Just wondering because Deans route ends with them going to bed

When i am supposed to go to mia in the med bay after i get a text from her she wanting to speak to me she just keeps telling me she is trying to work and i cant make any progress after that point forward. Im on pc and reloading the game and installing dont help either :(

You take the time you need to get the results that you want.We will be here. Looking forward to the update. And you have yourself a merry christmas and a happy new year ! <3

My deepest condolences. His music was passion filled, intense and he was indeed very,very talented. I am so sorry. This is truly a big loss. May he rest peacefully ❤

Any updates on koshiros route ? :)

Looks awesome !!

Leigh best boi ❤

axel, pls be axel


Lake is best boi <3

ok. Thanks

Hello again. Sry for spewing out so many questions. Is James the only dateble character or are there more ?

I gotta say. I really love the whole 80:s vibe. The retrowave music, the artstyle. so cool. You have outdone yourself on this bud !

cheers bud ! i must have  downloaded the demo version instead  (slaps forehead)

loved the game. But i did buy it and still only got the demo. How do i get the full game ?

looks awesome !

Love the new expressions for gil. So cute.

Love the vn and your work

downloaded it but the game still ends after vex gets shot :(

im playing it now and got damn i love the fightmusic so much. sounds like Nine Inch Nails :P . great stuff , great update storywise . well worth the wait !

I dont think this is a problem on your end. Im just being big dumb lol. It says that when i unpack the files via dropbox to my folder it says "failed to unpack "

Hey Cetus ! Im having problems downloading it on pc via dropbox.i might be stupid but i just dont know how lol

Hey. im having an issue. whenever i try to reload a save there is just a black screen. so i have to restart everytime. Im on pc by the way

take all the time you need. we will be here

ty very much ! appreciate the help :P !!

Is it possible to make a VN without knowing how to draw characters ? I know you could pay an artist to help you out but i would if i had the finance to do so. i just want to get into the whole renpy coding and start fiddling around with it but i cant fucking draw XD HEEEELP

Im so cunfused. this game doesnt make any sense to me. not saying its bad, just confusing. trying to play mochas route ( if there is one ) but im just getting killed by Natalie the day of the band is about to play. what am i doing wrong ? :(

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better m8. Just dont stress yourself out to much now. One thing at the time and if you feel that you need to take some time for yourself then do it. We support you no matther what. Your work and talent on this vn is outstanding btw. 

Wish you a full speedy recovery ❤

This update had me in stitches. You really are a talented person. Hell , you could write a book about anything and i fucking read it. Keep being you. You are doing it great !

A B C ! 😍😍😍❤❤❤❤

I love lake ❤❤❤

sounds juicy :p