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thanks for playing!

hey thanks for playing!! Great video too!

Hey thanks for playing! Your video was really engaging awesome job!

awesome video! Thanks for playing!


hey thank you so much for playing!

Hey thanks for playing! Honestly your editing was great!

Haha thanks for playing!


Thanks for the feeback! Glad you enjoyed!

Haha thanks for playing! Glad I gave you a scare!

Hey thank you so much for playing!!!

Awesome vid! Thanks for playing!

Yo thanks for playing! Glad you had fun

thanks for playing!!

haha thanks for playing! Cool vid too!

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thanks for playing! Cool vid

hey thanks for playing!

Awesome vid! thanks for playing!

Haha thanks for playing man!!

thanks a lot for playing! 

haha thanks for playing!

nice! That's a pretty good time!

yeah, I’ll keep that in mind! Thanks!!

ThAnks for playing!! Means a lot!!

hey thanks for playing my game man!!

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im actually looking for feedback so thanks! :)

Thank you so much for playing!!

Hey thanks for playing my game man!

hey this really means a lot! Thank you so much for playing my game!!

thanks for making a video! Means a lot!

Hey thanks for playing!

thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for playing! Loved the vid!

Thanks for playing man!

Hey thanks so much for playing! Im glad you enjoyed!

oh man sorry about that recording man! glad you enjoyed!

hey thanks a lot for playing!

Negative One

Negative One is a first-person retro horror game where you take the role of Lisa.

Lisa discovers a secret abandoned lab beneath her apartment, learning some things are left best not found...

I made this for an internship I spent 8 weeks on so I hope you enjoy!