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It's all good.  Just do what you can do when you can. ^w^   I look forward to it and am amazed by the great work that has been done!

Been getting error codes and game crashes every time one of the characters cum now after this new update...  What should I do?

No longer being worked on?

Guessing this game died?

it's all good. It's still a pretty cool game with simple mechanics

ah. A little understandable. So it died on here.

Game seems to have died though. 

I think I may have bugged it out when I played it ^~^'     I was fixing the generator (forgetting that it only had to go to 15), and was past the 15. Only to open up the right door and somehow got eaten? Though it showed the text that I successfully turned on the generator and other stuff.  Now it's stuck on a full black screen with no chance of even resetting the game  .3.

This is a pretty interesting game and story concept. Hope in a future update there'll be a gallery for the scenes ^^

I just want to say, that it is quite a good game and all. And I'm not really one that's even into parasites and insects and stuff, yet you've gotten me intrigued to play this. ^^
If there was one adjustment that I would make to this though, it'd be the first minigame that you do in this.  -w-#  Nearly smashed my computer because the reticle wouldn't stay still for squat. I mean, I understand the mechanic behind it with the slight "Carnival games are always rigged" kinda cliche if you were intending for that, but just trying to get to 50 pts has to have been by far more infuriating than playing Call of Duty against a bunch of hackers (Literally, seeing through walls + aim botting)

But all in all, I like it, it's pretty subtle and I can definitely see a fun interactive game from this. I hope that you keep up the great work and keep us all up to date for what's to come!

Love it uwu  Will this become downloadable? (Maybe a little less meme-y so it's more fappable?)

This still great as always!~ Can't wait to see what's more that you may have in store >//w//<   ~ <3

Awwwe. Okayz! Still, either way, I enjoyed it and I look forward to your future projects!

This is actually pretty nice and simple. Can't wait to see more of this!~


This is a great game so far!!!~ Can't wait to see what else you might add in it!!!~ 
Hope to see Sam in action soon!

Well if you don't mind me butting in on this. I honestly thought it was the same way, just click and hold, or click repeatedly. Because when I played Monster Mind, it was more of a clicking scheme for me, other than the rubbing  part, so it can get a little mixed up. Took me a minute to figure out that the more I move my mouse,

This is a pretty nice game. Hope you keep up the great work with this!!!~

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I may have bugged out a certain part in the game. Like near the top left of the island, i finished talking to the alligator lady and I was going to jump back into the water... I bugged it out and he got stuck mid jump >.< Lasted for a good whole 5 minutes. lol

Other than that, this is a great game!!! Hope to see some more!~