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I'd strongly consider it a dead game, since there hasn't been any official update anywhere

There hasn't been any update for months now here, his Twitter and even on Patreon. 

You can't really claim it's a difference of culture and you can't claim slavery is tied to culture. Also "be productive or die and give bullies what they want"? I can sit here and break apart your statement, but unless you're ready to read an essay I won't bother. Also while I'm exactly sure how you got going from being a prisoner to fully accepting all I said while being glad is tied to culture, because there's no culture or anyplace where you'd be glad unless you've been indoctrinated 

True that! Except probably the humiliation, with the whole guards jumping him 

I wouldn't call being firced to work under surveillance a "good job prospect". Also i find even more odd and stupid that after escaping, we then willingly go back and the guy who helped us escape is also ok with sending us back. 

I had to pause because the trial was ended with us "being free", but in reality we're now slaves that can either do what we're forced to do or we're imprisoned, for life i bet, or killed and we're ok with this? Also when give the option to get back our phone we just give it away because it has no power? Even a dead phone can be used in many ways. But all in all why does it play out as if we enjoy the idea of forced work and going as far as saying we would make things out of our freewill? Sorry for the rant, I'm just trying to understand why the MC is ok with everything that's been done to him so far

 will there be any update to this soon?

I maybe a bit late but with the new sprites they just look too clean. By this i mean, compared to the old ones, the new ones look like the have skin instead of fur especially when looking at the feet, hands and muzzle, Arkyn's muzzle does have some. Not sure if this was intended but since you paid over 1k it should at least look better. Also I'd suggest working on one route at a time instead of 4 as that would make things extremely slow, I know there's no "definitive route" but focusing on 1 at a time tendbto make thing progress at an adequate time. There's been an alarming amount of VN that the creator either took too long or went in over their heads and either lost interest or lost support and this vn has some incredibly unique story and I'd hate it to get dropped 

Oh ok ningún problema, estoy seguro que los demás solo están preocupados. Después que te gusta lo que estás haciendo y no te pongas mucha presión, todo saldrá bien. 

No es por nada pero si vaz hacer tantos dias no es mejor concentrarte en uno o dos por el momento ya q tantos dias con tantos personjes se tardaria años? Lo digo pq he vistos mucho desarrolladores perder ganas en sus juegos pq es mucho trabajo o algo similar. Es un buen juego y diria q Tigre y Marcos tienen la mejor historia, en mi opinion.

I can already tell it's gonna be a dark chapter, and im looking forward to it

"Being muscular doesn't mean you're indestructible and have no fears (or even feeling insecure)"

Yes that's obvious, but I'm talking about his character design and how it contradicts who he is. Also his character, based on dialog, does indeed portrays signs of insecurities.

"He's not a scaredy cat either tho"

Cowering in fear under the table and having a panic attack over talk about ghost and disappearances, scared of the dark, going in an abandoned church and so on and so forth does make him one. 

"Muscles won't protect you from ghosts"

Again not talking about ghost talking about who he is. Went a bit more in depth in a previous reply, I'll just add that his previous one made it more believable to be the way he is then this one. Was it perfect? Not precisely but it did do a better job 

You're missing the entire point, firstly on it's own it does look good but when put into context of said character it doesn't. This is because when someone is designed to be a little extra buffed it portrays signs of both strength and confidence, the former of which he doesn't/shouldn't based on both his own actions and dialog from him and others. I'm not saying he can't have muscles as that would be bad as he goes to the gym, or in your words is a gym trainer. It would be better if his character design gave off the feeling of his insecurities, fear and/or trauma; this is so when seen you can tell or guess his personality without the need of heavy storytelling. As a said with this he just looks like a generic muscle guy/jock that's friendly just a tad shy and would always put himself in front of all danger. On a side note not all gym trainers have a lot of muscle, in fact a good one would look on the more lean side. A great example would be to look at physical instructors; finally there seems to be a trend among the newer disgns of everyone being muscular and it's better to have diversity to distinguish them. I won't be a yes man as I've seen others do and I prefer to give constructive criticism, I really feel like the old design gave a better portrayal of his character 

Idk isnt he supposed to be the scared guy who has trouble sleeping and stuff? Him being so buffed contradicts this, like why would someone so buff and strong have his level of fears? With this he looks like the generic nice buff football player who would protect you and not the one who'd be seeking protection

This chapter did way too much jumping around, also you don't need to announce every single time you're changing perspectives. When you do that it kinda insults the readers reading comprehension, like unless you tell them they'll never figure out even though it's obvious. Finally this cliffhanger didn't fell earned and it played out really trollish because of the constant back and forth it felt like almost no progress was made story wise, even though it kinda did. I am looking forward to the next chapter and hoping it's better and really hopeful we get to know what the MC sacrificed. Also is it was even needed in the first place as it kinda seemed Draveyar's uncle released him himself and not the spell, finally will the MC turn into a werewolf since ya know he got bit and all or will that be addressed in the story? Cause I'm half expecting it with how we got asked what color werewolf would we be if we got turned and all

So can like someone pls explain this to me because this has got to be one of the MOST confusing VN I've ever played, and I've played a lot. It revolves around mainly what exactly happened with Sydney's death, it's implied that several different things happened with only 1 of them being 100% true and that's the fact that Chase did NOT kill him, but it's implied that it was TY and/or sam or a third entity that vowed to protect TY at all cost. The only actual conclusion, that yet again can be even more confusing, is that the true ending is Leo's good ending . But you need to play the sequel and get the perfect ending to even know this, and yet it's implied that also TY's ending is also real?! Like the VN seems interesting at first glance until you actually TRY to piece it together and it just falls apart, almost like it was created by multiple different people with different points of view. TLDR story starts off good but derails quickly once you get to the endings and try to piece it together; and who killed Sydney?!

Good luck!

I hope others can admire the amou of details you give to the backgrounds, so few furry artists even bother adding anything other then jpg. Also is it wierd that I'm more interested in the movie "thirsty bitches!" then the lockerroom fight?

Something's wrong, after meeting with the mystery man it just takes you to the main menu and you can't do anything

I just did and the same thing happens

Love how they paid their debt but they never fixed the wall XD

I have to unfortunently drop this, the whole marcus and callum thing is SO forced that not even suspending disbelief doesn't help. Like it first started really good with Callum looking and caring for both Lupe AND David, but since you introduced Marcus as a love interest you made Callum forget both Lupe and David and all his feeling for both. Like the breaking point are both when Macus went all out on Lupe and Callum did jack shit to help and defend her even when he saw himself in her and said how he "loves david but is in love with marcus". You gave us the illusion of one thing but changed it to another half way through the story. Right now you made it seem like Callum is a hartless horndog chasing after "puppy love" 

Alright then what about now?

It's been forever since I first read the comic on webtoons and later i found out about a visual novel in the makings. Can't believe it was actually real and I'm looking forward to this! Will you expand on the comic?

Why do you make the public veraion 9 -> 10 versions BEHIND the paid version? This is the most drastic version difference between a paid and none paid visual novel I've ever seen

Like the story for a bit, but definitely not Marcus one bit. It's really obvious he has something to do with the disappearance, I say that because it's obvious now that his obstacle is gone he can get what he wants. Not only that but Cal hasn't had any time what so ever to process what happened and is obviously being pushed in a certain direction by everyone, except for Lupe. It just extremally feels like Cal is being taken advantage of and no one around him is helping him what so ever and the only person who could really help him, Lupe and David, are no where to be found. Hopefully someone actually helps him and finds David before it gets too late for both him and Cal

Sorry if this gets ask a lot but when should we expect an update and to who will it be?

So just to make things clear you're going to release both a demo AND a paid version and I'm guessing it'll be a pay X amount; X being any amount we choose? 

Ok that's good to know, I was just worried that this would become one of those games where I get super invested, only for the creator to tackle more then he thought he could chew and abandon the project. If you want a perfect example of how choosing to finish 1 route at a time I'd suggest looking at the gane Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn or contact them and let them tell you their story. To be fair I'm incredibly interested in the routes for Blake and Patrice. I wish you the best of luck on this project and if you need help never hesitate to ask!

How's the development going? Also any projections until when we'll see any updates?

Are you going to finish 1 route before doing the others or will you do everyone ¹/2 a day at a time? Just wondering because if it's the latter then I highly suspect things will take longer then necessary. I've seen many VN dropped because the creator decided to do the former and either got burned out or lost interest, and this VN has some good promises 

I understand those who want gomamon to be dominant, but a girl abd be aggressive about it? Like why try a GAY game if ya don't want there to be gay things? Good job on ignoring those people as it just don't make sense, although I am secretly now thinking of how gomamon would be as dominant :v

quick question when would we expect a new update? 

I got a quick questiom and that is if Brym's decision on the second date changes or if it's the same regardless of choices?

is there or will there be more to this?

Ah ok that's good to hear. I only asked because many furry artist when making a game say "there's none and never will be a timeframe" and over a year passes and no new update but expect to people to keep paying them. Glad to hear you have at least a realistic goal and a general idea when you like to be done with an update

So is there like an estimated time for the next update? Also it's coming along well

Great game so far, but getting the debt down is a chore and more annoying than anything. Cut down on the debt or increase the amount of money you earn

So I finally finished the game and all side quests, again thanks for the help with one of the puzzles, and I gotta say I enjoyed it. I really liked the charactertrue jg development and the expressions, none of it felt forced or rushed and it wwasn't believable. The world building was huge and well developed.

 *Spoilers you've been warned* 

Now there was things that felt out of place: the first sex scene felt a bit wierd I mean he just got out of was essentially was a sex slave and immediately wanted sex it just felt slight odd, the second was when we learned the Shu learned how to speak because slibs learn from the environment, that raises so many questions like why hasn't other slibs learned to speak and it took out the uniqueness of Sho but overall these two things weren't anything too bad just nitpick. Now the last one was the ending and I'm talking specifically about the after credits. Like why did they all go their separate ways, nothing in the story lead us to believe they would separate in fact the opposite was implied. What's worst was how they all seemed like they would meet up again, but the credits rolled and they never saw each other again and that just left a gaping hole. It was like amazing story, opening, middle and then rushed and botched ending. I really enjoyed it, just wished the ending was different 

OMG Thanks a ton for this! I also am now realizing they're different colors, I'm color blind and I've always saw them as gold with a hint of red never blue