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My grandmother who tries to play games (usually failing) was willing to be the subject.
It didn't take her too long to figure out the pins, however the door was slightly challenging.
She kept running into a wall a few times, I did remind her to look around to ensure she'd stay somewhat interested. One thing I kept noticing was that she kept having to look down at the keys, and her fingers weren't really naturally placed. Another was that she was mixing up W and E later on. Maybe in a future game, add an image on how to place your hand across the keys? She also noticed the S key was back, although it was never said.
The button puzzles were simple, though at the last one I had to tell her when she was too far from a button to interact with it.
At the gun room she needed to take a second to realize that she needed to interact with the weapon to pick it up. After, she kept aiming directly at the targets instead of above them. Although not too difficult to grasp, she originally went back instead of looking left. Maybe locking the door behind would keep players from backtracking?
She didn't struggle with jumping forward, but rather when to. I kept telling her to look down to see the area, since she was about to leave, but she instead looked down in real life. 馃う
She didn't struggle too much with the ending, though. Overall I feel like I had to say more than I should've to keep the flow going, but I know when she gets irritated and is about to leave. She did say she understood most of the concepts presented when asked, though I'm not sure if she'll remember them. She didn't ever feel that overwhelmed.


bit weird to say in a reply, but appreciate your honestly (obviously not a dev but glad to see you're enjoying the game! please pay for it! ^.^)