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Great little idea (can't help but press A and D key!) - lots of fun!

Idea is simple and well executed - the challenge naturally escalates, whilst it avoiding a requirement  for complex instructions - even knowing the "rules" of the game I found it mentally difficult to plan ahead for the next "escalation" which manages to capture the theme of the jam perfectly!

Awesome fun - moment to moment gun play is fast and furious and the art direction is wonderfully 80's robots and lasers!

One more minor thing - if you're preparing a build for play offline don't forget to charge for it - more than happy to pay for a neat little game like this!

That's actually a hard question as I enjoyed what I played and just want to say "more of the same".  I enjoy the confined spaces and instant readability of the game so would be afraid of adding too much - although one thing I've recently started apprecating much more is speed running - a "ghost" mode of other players runs could be an interesting addition because it would make me interested in seeing the same levels over again and trying alternative solutions to some of the levels (or at least laughing at how bad I was!). 

This is pretty neat - easy enough to grasp but just challenging enough to keep me going for the next level

Loved it (there are a few typo's in there though) - and I never managed above 2% despite a four or five playthroughs (maybe I struggled to figure out the objective!). Interesting none-the-less- would love to see more of this!

Lovely, witty. and pretty - I loved it.