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Thanks a lot, fairly proud of it myself, despite the clear lag of a goal, the clunky undying AI and a concept that was heavily inspired by 'Super Hot'. But yea, made everything (Music, art, coding, etc.) myself - which to me is one the awesome parts of game development - but unfortunately it also resulted in some unimplemented or unpolished features, such as a goal with the entire game... Whoops:) 

But thanks for the feedback!

Hi, interesting jam.. Definitely going to join:))... But.. When you said that it had to be made in a HTML5 framework, thats where i got a bit confused, does this mean JS frameworks as well.. Can't see how you're going to make a game purely in html... So can i use, for example, PIXI.JS?...

Haha, glad it did:))

Literally, just me being angry at my wall:))

I feel like a monster after playing this game... Burning a cat, what the hell xD

Whoop, sent again.. Thx:)

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Do we get a confirmation mail after signing up - and sending a mail our self? I have had some props with my mail server... So would it would be awesome? .. Yea, I know ... a lot of work, if it isn't automated...