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Yeah, but Version paid (Pack 1 Full.rar) should be there too after you buy the "SUPER SALE!" for 5$ or not?

Your Sale is not working like it should (i think).
You can still only download the free pack.

I cant find something about liscene in any of your Packs.
Could you tell me, if i am allowed to use this for a commercial Project.

Can i use those Assets for commercial purpose?

On some of your Assets is written for commercial use but on some a bit unclear formulated "for any kind of projects"

Are all of your Assets for commercial use?

Can I Use Your Assets in a commercial Project?

Can i Use this Asset for Commercial Use?

Under which Liscene are those sounds?


can i use this Pack inside a Commercially Project?


can i use those Assets in a Commercially project?

And can i adjust the Size abit so it fits better in the environment?

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I would like to use some of those Assets (Buildings, Environment) inside my Commercial Project.
Is this Possible?
Can i modify them a bit?
I will of cource credit you, for your work.

Could I use it in a commercial project?

And/Or Modify those assets a bit.

I will credit your beautiful work.


amazing work.

I saw that i can use the asset for commercial purposes. In the Hill Pack is written, that i can modify it too. Can i modify this asset pack too, to create bigger "different looking" sections of it?
Of course i will credit you.