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Can we get an eggbert spinoff.

Really creative idea! I think the sound and visual design mesh well together! i did think a little visual clarity could be added to the game though. If I had things that told me what the icons meant, or glowing affects on the yes or no buttons, I think I would have a better grasp of the game. Additionally, I could not restart the game after being fired.

Interesting concept. I think the game could benefit from added visual clarity, it was a bit hard to see the text. Additionally, I wished I could use mouse at the corners of the screen to move the camera, especially since I already use the mouse to move the tiles.

Loved the game! Super cool visual style and theme. I too also had the HDRP issue so I get you there! I will say that I did encounter a bug where I could enter a building and get stuck in it, but it only happened once!

Super cool rhythm game! Very impressive especially in the timespan. One critique I would give it is that games like guitar hero have powerful visual feedback when you nail a note. It helps you stay on beat and makes you feel better as the player. Maybe you could add juice through screen effects or particles.

This is so creative and meta, i really love the experience. One critique I had was the slightly jarring text to speech. I would say that as a game that relies heavily on sound design, it would benefit from an announcer is as calming as the original music.

This game is super cool, and the leaderboards are awesome. The mechanic is so juicy and elegant, i could definitely imagine this as a phone game. I really do wish there was mouse input though, the buttons kept confusing me. 

I love the scrolling background, and I think it meshes well with the brain. I do wish the text had a different font that matched the rest of the game more.

This felt like a gacha game almost, as I keep rolling games to see what I get! I do wish the egg cracked a lot easier, or if it had more feedback throughout, so the cracking process feels impactful to the player.

I didn't get the Sprite Sponsorship :(. This was a cool game, but I wish I knew what the eggs meant, or why sometimes things go down. Also I don't know how to gain the sponsorship, do I max out all three bars? If so, isn't the toilet the best?

I love the aesthetic and theme, and the jazz really adds to it. The controls though are problematic at times, as I don't actually go forward when I press w, I go in a random direction instead. Additionally, I wish the fish was centered in the camera.

I like the vibes and sound effects of the game. Plus the visual aesthetic really sells the cooking theme actually. My only issue is that I could not make it like my cooking, but that could be because I wasn't a good cook. If possible, it would be nice to know why it didn't like my food (for eg it says too salty, too gross, etc).

This was a very cute game! However I kept getting the same animations. I really wanted to get it to bite me. Maybe if it reacted more differently, it would make a distinction between the actions the player takes.

I love this game! My wizard was a light wizard. I think quiz games like these are very fun. If I had to state an improvement I wish the wizard would slowly develop as the quiz went through. For example, it gained a familiar, or raised a necromancy zombie, depending on what my answers are.

This is a very creative concept! I love the feel of the controls, and the mechanics. One big critique I have though is that sometimes my camera does go through objects, and my vision gets messed up. Also I do wish that I could drown myself in food.

This is great and very polished. Had a lot of fun playing this. My only critique is that there seems to be an input delay sometimes, which messes up the timing/feel of this reflex-based game.

I really liked this mechanic, a timing game, and kind of similar to the curry cooking in the new Pokemon (last bit). I think eight seconds is a good amount of time to wait, and the fact that its not too forgiving does have me coming back to try again. I liked the golden carrot when you get it right, but I thought the game could benefit from other carrots in different states. For eg, a charred black burnt carrot, or a frozen blue raw carrot maybe? Additionally, it could be cool if there was some visual effect as the cooking goes on. Maybe smoke appears above the fire/carrots, or the carrots start browning, or the pan getting redder/hotter.

Great Game Philip! I love the artstyle, the trail for the asteroids and the player is really cool, and lends itself to the narrative. I also love how the Space bar game is in Space! I did notice that sometimes asteroids would be on a path that would never intersect with the moon, but maybe that's intentional. Additionally, and this is a rather small thing, I did think it was slightly weird that the earth was completely fine when an asteroid went through it. Maybe it could be cool if the moon actually blocked all the asteroids, and you've gotta keep the earth safe!

Ah yes, Boom Headshot, the hidden sequel to the timeless classic, Boomer's Jigsaw.  I do like the concept, but I did find a weird bug. For some reason, once my score reaches 100, it cant increase. Additionally, I think it would be cool if there was some visual juice/indication when I shoot a specific target. Maybe a bullet goes out to that target, or the gun faces at the most recent shot target. Additionally, I do think the music was a bit too loud.

Hey Euris, cool concept, the sleepy-time starbucks lid narrative was a real vibe. I really liked the artstyle, especially the steam particles from the coffee. As a small thing, I think it would be cool if the particles turned off after the lid was placed on. Also I think this game would benefit more from being a timer-less game, and actually being an endless conveyer belt of coffee, and it gets faster with more coffee over time, so you have to press space more often as it progresses.

Hey Jordan. This is a really cool concept and I think its well executed. It felt like a chill mobile game, and the mechanics and artstyle was succinct and complemented each other nicely! However, I did feel as though the ball was a bit too slow. I understand that one way the game gets harder is through more colors, but I think if the balls speed was faster, or if the ball got faster over time, it would capture the pure adrenaline I feel over some other reflexy-actiony games I've played before. 

I've got to say, I very much enjoyed the sfx. I did like your new  sprites, but I did find that movement felt a bit rough, as it felt unresponsive, and the trees seemed to ignore any movement at the start. Additionally, I felt the hit-boxes felt a bit too unforgiving, and I couldn't play for long before dying.

Hey Philip, great job with the sound! I think this is the one of the few with sounds and it really adds a lot to the sense of speed! I did find a bug that appears to show the enemy dead when I hit it through the tree, but that's about it for bugs. Next time, I would suggest using the same pixel-esque UI, as the rounded edges feel a bit out of place here, but overall great job, loved playing it!

Hey Justin. The bike movement is really good! I think the acceleration and turn speed you have are spot on. There is this weird bug when you shoot while static, and I think it messes with my collision, because after I do that, I die randomly. Additionally, there is another bug when I randomly lose, even though I have three lives and haven't hit anything. I will say though that the WASD control scheme is much nicer than the 1890 scheme!

Hi Stephanie! Great Job with the feel, the max speed and turn speed feel very nice, and close to the original. I do think that your acceleration is slower than the original, but I do not think that this is a bad thing. The projectiles do feel a bit slow, and I think having some sort of effect happen when you kill the enemies would benefit the overall clarity of the game. Additionally, I feel as though making a transition to Night patrol, like in the original, would be useful in knowing when I complete a level.

Hey Jordan! This game feels real smooth, and I think it feels pretty good because of that. The trees as well are very faithful to the original, and the way they scale up to the final sprite at the end is really smooth as well. I would say though that there is a weird bug regarding the bullets. When I'm moving side to side, they appear to be originating from some weird point in space. Additionally, the bullets are very hard to see, and it would be nice to have some of the clarity that the original game offered. I do think the tree collisions are also a bit off, because there are times where I die when there is no tree in front of me. Overall, great job though! I wish I was good enough to get past the second night patrol.