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3* Erotic scenes were mostly good. Story was bloody boring

4* from me. 

Would love to try this one, but I'm not upgrading that useless mega site. 

3* for me. I love the mc's look, especially in the Japanese-style armour later. I personally like one-guy-in-a-school style. I thought it was over-all funny. The main negative for me was the background angel vs demon story plot. It often felt like it came out of no-where to shoved in the middle of a monster-girl anime. The cat mom and daughter were definitely my favourite characters besides the mc.

I can't even download this one. Most on this site download as zip-files. This one downloads as something else and won't play on my pc

This one looked promising when I first tried it. But with the .4 update, I try to start the game and it immediately crashes. Won't even open the game. This only happens with Unity games. Renpy games don't seem to have this issue for me.

After last time I deleted the game and everything associated with it.  Re-tried it recently and ran into that issue

2 things. 1, it annoys me to no end that blame is attempted to be put on the MC for refusing to help sarah at first, as he said, he's not a cop or pi. 2, around the time of sarah's appartment, my game started lagging so bad it became unplayable. My pc is still working fine, so that's not the issue, and I've never had lag issues outside of a Unity game, and certainly never with a Renpy game

Honestly best VA I've heard in any of the games I've found on this site

Luckily this was far cheaper than others on this site. It isn't a bad game, but it is very simple. No choices or real dialogue. Hold the skip button and you're done in 5 minutes max

Yeah, I have no idea what on earth my issue is. Removed the game a while ago, came back today, got to the point of the sister showing up again, and I have that rollback crash again.

IMO not worth the money, got more enjoyment from cheaper or free games. This one isn't bad, just not worth that much comparatively

I've played free games that I've willingly payed for, and cheaper payed games that were better than this one. This isn't a bad VN, but I don't think it's worth it's price

I was going to go ahead and pay 8 for it, but I noticed "pay with card" isn't there like most VNs. Only paypal, which I don't use

One-time purchase for all future updates, or pay now, and pay again later for new updates?

Just finished Tix's route, and I'm not happy with that one. Her mom is a selfish bitch who doesn't really care about her daughter's happiness. I don't know about anyone else, but a mom asking a guy to take advantage of her daughter is a little too fucking far for my liking. 

Just finished my first playthrough, for Drakan's route. She is adorable, her mother is terrifying. 

What anime/game is this shot from?

11 is my favourite so far, I like that sleepy personality

I thought the angel and demon things were just karmic things at first, but no, they just completely ruin your character. There is nothing I hate more than being completely powerless in a situation, made even worse when you're a literal human amongst angels and demons. You have no real ability to save yourself or anyone without someone else's help. IMO, not a good game.

I'm completely ignorant of how this pc stuff works for the most part, so I don't know what would fix the issue. Thanks for trying to help me

Mine doesn't show a folder, it opens another box allowing me to open or save, and neither of those are fixing the problem. I am a complete novice when it comes to pc stuff. Thanks for trying to help anyways.

I think mechanically the game was a bit slow, but I think it's because it's a Unity game, which has always been slow as shit on my pc. I love the femboy brother. Has potential

Maybe I'm just a complete dumbass, but I can't seem to get it to work. The game works fine up until that point, but no matter where I put the .rar image in the Limitless folder, it won't go past that error screen. 

I give 4. Ren is awesome, the rest are good except for Viv, she's bloody weird. Decent story, bit long winded at parts

This is one of the few where there being sex scenes are a negative. I got into the political story. Princess Valentina, your elder sister has just been kidnapped, now is not the time to drag the General to your bedroom

Any time I try to get past that it pops up. Rollback and the others don't work, re-winding or save-quiting doesn't fix it. I'm stuck at the moment lol

Title says

An exception has occurred.

While loading <image' u'images/0.3/1559b.webp'>:

And then the trace-back list. I recently cleared my computer, so it's not an issue on my end

Just finished up to current. Well...I've played some weird games on here, including ones with loli's, and I've never had a more predatory feel than this game. The entire thing is just sad and mopy and feels of abuse. 1 star, would rate lower.

What is with this game so far? I'm at the part of the beach and everyone is so damn mopy and sad

Ran into an error. The game is crashing saying it's missing an image right after your sister shows up crying 

Ok, I was loving this one from the start. If the ending of 6 actually happened, and isn't some sort of dream, then fuck you.

I'm saying if you don't like those things, you won't like this game. Get your head out of your ass

I willingly paid $5 for this game. The erotic scenes are lack-luster compared to some other games, but I was laughing the whole damn time I was playing this. I wish the MC looked a bit more attractive, but damn is he a beast

The game crashed on me during the final oasis scene, which made me have to reset my laptop, which so far only Unity games have done. The main guy is a pussy, you'd think with the strength thing he'd be able to defend his slave, but I guess not. The grinding was annoying. I don't recommend this game.

A bit slow for my liking, but luckily it was cheap. Just not for me

Luckily this was cheap, because this just wasn't for me. A big thing was the ambiguousness of the descriptions. I don't enjoy playing as female characters, so lacking description kills part of the fun for me.