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No has visto nada 👀

Me ha encantado este juego, ha sido muy frenético y lleno de acción, una pasada.

Awesome! Thanks for replying! ;)

Amazing work!! I was wondering if this asset pack is going to get updated soon, as I wanted to use it. Also, is there going to be an attack animation with the sword? I think that's the only thing that's left for this pack to be complete.

I'm in love with this music, it's so cool and it's also very relaxing to hear! Good job! I'm planning on using this in a game I'm working on, I'll give credits of course!

Love how fast you upload new music, and the fact that it its free is amazing!
I will use it on my game giving credit of course!

Wow!This asset pack is so cool! Might use it to test things out someday

Amazing! Can't wait for the results!

This asset pack is increidble! I bought the bundle with everything and I was wondering if you could add animations for the enemies outside battles, just like the characters do. I think that would be so cool to add as an update.

This music is amazing!