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Colonel Steev

A member registered May 25, 2016

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great job! this game kicked my butt!

absolutely delightful, i loved it!

wonderful! loved the silly hairstyles and silly gameplay! very warioware <3

Great demo, I had so much fun exploring Gilbert's neighborhood!

wonderful character designs! great gameplay!

loved it! the house is small enough that you know you have access to everything you need, it's just up to the player to put the pieces together! really fun and intriguing!

I'm in love with this game, thank you so much!

that was hectic! really fun gameplay, great game!

Delightful! Loved the forest friends and the art style! Keep 'em coming!!

i enjoyed this a lot! great job!

This was so good! I loved the doctor character and voice! Great job!

absolutely gorgeous! excited for this game!!

Delightful! Had a lot of fun with this story!

Delightful! Love the humor and the characters! Well done!!

The launcher is so impressive! As soon as I saw Toree 3D, I had to jump in! So excited!!

Saw this in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc and when I realized it was y'all, I couldn't contain myself! Excellent game!!

loving it so far! excited to see what further levels have to offer!

loved it! it's been a minutes since i've been legit spooked by a jumpscare and they were done to a perfect degree! make more!

bizarre and beautiful! i really enjoyed playing this!

Loved it! Can't wait to see more!!

excellent video!!

such a cute game! for me it became less about racing and more about creating an obstacle course and rooting for ANY hamster to complete haha! great job!

Great game, the puzzles got me for quite a while! 

This was incredible! So much content! Excited to get to meet all the rats!

This is a high-quality game

it's a game about nothing

Loved it! Lots of really creepy and eerie moments without being obnoxious! You left me in a state!

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Very fun and silly! Great job!

This was a blast! Love exploring for eggs, tight controls, great music!

This was a ton of chaotic fun!!

This was a blast to play! Loved the small puzzle rooms, looking forward to a full release!!

What a lovely game, great job!

so weird, so good! really captured the spirit of scp, phenomenal!

Absolutely blown away by this game, great job! I want so much more!!

Super charming and funny! What a lovely story!!

I had a blast with this game and I absolutely do not know what to do with the humans haha! Great job!

Loved it! The bouncy ball is so satisfying! Great job!!

Fun game! Would love some more tools to help me succeed, but still a wonderful time!

fun mystery! never quite figured out what's going on in the world... the newspaper headlines all seem so intriguing but unconnected? great experience!~