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Hey, I purchased the Steam version, but I just wanted to say, this game was absolutely brilliant, I had a fantastic time going through the entirety, hopefully I saw everything. The way you paced the story, the way those tense moments pay off, those beautifully done scenes, had me absolutely engrossed. Thank you for the trip, I wish I could ask you a few questions without spoiling things on a public comments page, but I suppose some questions are left unanswered for a reason :)

Hey, really cool puzzles and I love the idea and aesthetic. However, I would add a note somewhere (on this page or at the beginning of the game before you start) that the game will read and mention random files on the user's PC (not sure how deep it reads but I noticed some more personal files mentioned in my playthrough)

that's awesome, we had been trying to find something to do with those numbers for ages in the Demake, glad it paid off in this one haha

Hey, I found something in the Demake, and a friend tried putting those numbers I found into this version, getting Ending S, curious if that's the last ending in the game?