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You are but a human being mon ami, take your time, the game is spectacular as a demo so far! Nothing to disappoint us IMO, you'll get through this! Wish you the best of best

I have run with this common bug, and i found a solution as well!!!! the best to do to never get this bug is to not go fullscreen, it somehow closes normally and without problems when windowed, I hope it helps you out as well!

Yeah the patron build is accessed by login in with ur patreon account or subscribestar i think it was which is suscribed to Jasonafex's for the password if you dont it will tell you that then you are entering public build and some things will be blocked from snu snu snake gal to every new character, everything has been under the paywall exceptions being the new mechanics and power ups

Oh, that's because all those, and the second sex animation for the werewolf are Patreon exclusive, well I apologize if you already knew the Patreon thingy and are reporting a Patreon bug xD

Alrighty then I found a way to close the game without it freezing my computer, just needs to not be played on fullscreen so you can go to desktop and so when trying to close the tab it will ask you to stop the program and bam easy as pie! Not a solution but a good alternative to anyone else with this issue!

aah, I hear you then, I hope  you find a way! It's a rlly tough yet entertaining game xD ngl Im trapped in the forest sanctuary I have tried to shoot some devices to open gates but then won't budge :0! I went straight there after meeting the guy that gives you a gun if that helps with anything, anyways cheers dude! Thank you for the reply!

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Odd Quit Game Bug???

I really enjoyed this game!!! My only setback is a weird problem, when i try to close the game it just wont close, the window will stay frozen  and force shuts my laptop and messes a bit with its start up D: Im unsure on how to fix this myself but regardless pretty dope game!! if there is any way I can fix this issue i would love to properly finish it XD got stuck in the cave near the city where you meet the stranger and gives you a gun

EDIT: i tried the game in another PC and same problem, it won't let me quit the game!! I have no clue what is going on with it :(

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K I loved the arcade mix a lot!!! But I seem to have a problem with this one??? I downloaded it yesterday and when starting with Familiar in the tutorial it just... Won't start? Idk if I am missing something? But like the countdown to begin goes and then is just... Silence, no notes to hit nothing and Beat actually moves, is this like a problem on my own or a bug?


I did the offset wizard and it solved the issue that idk which it was xD and damn this song rocks! K Imma keep playing and loving this!!