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wow just i- wow 10/10 would recommend to ppl. 

ok but like how tf did you manage to make something thats dark but you can have a visual of it all. i love this keep it up pls


ikr sfwfhwkfhwkjfh idk what to doooooooooo i gave up on it


no no no no please get help i know i dont know you but trust me everything gets better in time if things get worse keep your head up and just remember things that make you happy. there are places and hotlines to call if you're not feeling "good" or "happy" people would miss you, you might not think it but there are people who would miss you.

i just completed the first chapter and i wanna know what happens

dude im just trying to hook up with  khari im not trying to get killed here

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ive gotten stuck on the odd part where everything becomes different and you fall through the hole in the "teenager's room" help