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keeps crashing...randomly I have no idea what is causing it. first time it was while I was creating the character then as I was just getting started with the tutorial.

whenever I load a saved game suddenly when I open the window that shows me an overview of all my vikings, its blank and the game doesn't recognize that I have any. For example, I have a level 2 gatherer which opens up a farm to build, which I have built, but when I load the saved game it relocks the farm as if I had no level 2 gathereres, I now have 2. The farm still operates and I have the wood to build it. 

doesn't matter they just get stuck in that motion where they continually try to put water into the fire no matter how many fish are in or not

defeating the segulls is to hard...I keep dying just because of lack of sleep because I cannot defeat one quickly enough repeatedly. I also found a glitch in the new fish soup recipe, they get stuck bringing water to the fire and not making soup and starving...just thought you should know!