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Visual C++ runtime required

I'm not sure about making the  cursor displaced upwardly by ~20 pixels when in the breeding zone. And damn I cant get rid of the red and blue sellers. Also I got 3 female blues in a row from buying and since selling the wrong colour loses you money you have to wait forever until you can buy again. It can be a bit tedious. It really seems that females are more common than males

this is incredibly unique and cool

The game has nice art however the player moves around too fast for it to be comfortably controllable, there should be more acceleration to his walking so he doesn't just speed off instantly once you touch a button. Also the game is too easy. There are more rats later on but there's no increase in difficulty

sus imposter is sus 😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😲😳

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good game it is gooD

what the hell the balloons sink deeper and deeper into the ground on reset

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Stupefd cring giys ddfd 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎🤣

Omg funny!!!!!111 hahshshagahaha funny!!!!!! 

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this is really fun but maybe rethink combat as it's a bit clunky and stage 6's boss is an ass and you're forced to just throw your sword at it

Revision of stoopid and haha lmao XD review 

This is really fun but the Ai makes the combat seem less than it is as sometimes the enemies can hit you twice in one swing, as with the stage 6 boss. This makes it hard to do close up combat with the boss and forces you to do ranged combat to avoid dying in a single hit. You can also strafe around the enemies and they'll miss 90% of their swings. (stage 6 boss swings it's sword around itself a lot more) Also throwing the sword. I wish the hitbox of the sword Was slightly larger around the blade as it misses the target even though it looks like it should've collided

oh thanks

his calcium levels kinda whack then

I agree with you but it's spelled grammar

KARLSON community · Created a new topic dragging glitch

clicking a draggable body flings them off at high speeds making it so they fall off the map which can allow for extreme height gain, they also only fling at a specific angle, it can also cause heavy lag if a corpse gets stuck in a wall


I don't like the hitboxes

So when I try replaying the game the sober bar drops to 0 and I lose again

you should make it just before your swing has ended you can press c and it will swing after the animation has finished

a little buggy, sometimes I die when I land on a log

make the queen a bit taller aswell maybe

You can't kill the king th

nice graphics!

I can barely see my mouse and I don't even know what's happening lol


I'd like to play it! downloading it now

mr pickle couldn't pick up stuff


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too laggy

this game has some optimisation problems xd

It was fun though and I got 2680

Actually my computer has optimisation problems