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the jake humiliation route with the sweat pit licking fetish and underwear over the face was fucking hot, wished there was a way to reverse roles and be the one in the receiving end lol, looking forwards to the raunchy kinky encounter you're going to add, keep it up.

since you're open to taking suggestions, please add more raunchy routes, piss fetish, stealing boys underwear and sniffing them, being caught by them and humiliated, outdoor fun, having someone whore you out to his friends, anyways you get the idea, just more kinky routes and encounters. 

yes this is great one big extensive story that you take your time with will be worth more than a few easily finished short ones not that they arent good, good luck and thanks for the great content

why is this only available on android ? please make it playable on pc and thank you in advance

omg sorry looking back I think posting a request instead of praising the game was a bit rude, but honestly the game is so well made and so complex and VERY fun especially the many kinks you can play with, thank you for such an amazing game and please don't take my small complaint about wanting to be topped the wrong way, cheers

I wished there was bottom options with the slaves to have them use you, I love the game though but really hope you add that later on

great concept, great writing, only thing that is slightly bad is the fact that the fact the text doesn't show up immediately, if you're a fast reader or if you're replaying just to get the other random encounters it's painful waiting for text to advance, other than that it's amazing, would love it if you built onto this and added maybe options and branching routes. 

this is pretty stellar, great writing and lovely artworks, thanks a lot for this dude.

I really hope you expand on this it has so much potential.

OMFG ... you are such a teaaaaaaaaase with Richard, every route has him offering to have some fun or a threesome and I always think this time it will happen but it ends up being just a big TEASE and i'm so blue balled it hurts lol I know it's been asked multiple times before but when can we expect to get a Richard route ? like just an estimate of how long we will wait until it happens ? or at least a little bonus fun scene on the side while we are on another route, just some casual fun lol I JUST WANNA LAY HIM. but all that aside best vn ever, the moment I have a few bucks I will send them your way, thank you so much for this <3

great game, loved it from start to finish although it ran a bit short wished it was a little longer, hope updates are frequent.

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there's so many equipable items that you can get in the demo, which is cool, and all of them have cute little bios and pixel sprites but you'd think you'll be battling a lot and taking advantage of all these items when in fact you don't get a chance, the demo is way too short and I wished there was more content for the public version. either way the game looks fantastic just wished the demo had more content because for the file size I was expecting it would run for a lil more and I was left blue balled. also the screenshots from the game that you're using on the page are from the Patreon version and I was waiting for that Hyena fight only to find out it isn't on the public build, a little sour about that.