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I couldn't find the best way to send it via dms, so here it is! If you know anyone else that would like to submit their game (as long as it's related to Palestine), please share the link around!

Hello! I love the game you made, it was a wonderful submission to the Towards a Free Palestine Jam. I was wondering if you would like to showcase it at an event we're holding at the American University of Beirut. You don't need to be there physically, we just have a small form for you to fill if you'd like to showcase the game. Thank you for making this!

Beautiful, beautiful game. I love what you two have done, the game left me with goosebumps, especially with the airstrike noises between the first and second scene. 

I'm working on an event that's showcasing games for Palestine at the American University of Beirut, would you be interested in showcasing this game there? If so, please let me know so I can send you a form to fill so we get all your details right. 
Thank you for making this.

Good idea, I might try and implement that

Thank you! Glad you like it <3

amazing game, great style! 0/0 for the water temperature to be just right

Glad you liked it! Yeah we agree, the map is very big. We wanted the chaos to come from YOU rather than the enemies, so I understand

This is it. This is THE best game in this jam. Everyone else go home. It's perfect. controls are as they should be, the zombies explode and fly away, the arsenal of weapons is well thought of, their one life hit is perfect, the music's a bop, and the graphics are amazing, especially with the particle effects at hand. I loved everything about this game, it plays beautifully on the just-one-more-turn-esque kind of game. Well done dude!

Oh dang thank you so much :D I'll definitely look into it. I'm on Unity as well but I hadn't used the trail renderer, thought it was a highly convoluted creation from a particle system. I really needed this keyword, so thank you again!

I think I really liked how well the controls fit the theme, it felt like there should  be a dance I should be doing to not lose this level.  I woke up today and wondered what I really wanted to say, and I guess if the map was bigger the game wouldve actually been so much nicer, especially with the amount of destruction id have loved to cause. Anyway, thanks for making this :D

ah no i mean the particle effect i guess? when you swipe you get a small grey line that follows you, it looks so smooth!

it's your first jam, you started late, AND you were able to make a playable game? That's amazing! The first time i joined a jam i accidentally deleted all my files :') im really glad you submit the game and that i got to play it!

ah for the numbers i meant on the keyboard itself. I guess i dont play as many games that use it, like when i play league or dota i usually have 2 active items and they're bound to the buttons on the side of my mouse, rather than 1 through 6 on my keyboard. I'm gonna give it another try soon, i really liked playing it :D

That's the chaos factor in the game yes, you can choose not to hold down the mouse and the game will definitely be less chaotic. I completely understand where the frustration comes from though. Thanks for playing our game :D

We really wanted to add particle affects but literally had no time left, but you've got a great eye to notice this. Thank you so much for your feedback :D

We would have loved to do that, but when deciding on the gameplay we wanted to focus on getting as much polish as we can on the shooting and the player and didnt want to over achieve and try to get something we couldn't complete. Still, it's an idea we'll definitely think more of when we have more time. Thanks for playing and rating :D

Yes! You got it! Thank you so much for playing our game :D It's only as chaotic as you let it be, and it really depends on how you shoot. Personally I never held down the mouse, i always clicked only as much as needed and focused on the weapons with the strongest attack first, but i guessed that finding that balance was also important in everyone's playthrough. Thank you again for your kind words and for playing the game :D

Yeah you're absolutely right, we kind of rushed the creation of the map in exchange for the enemies and gun polishing, as the gun and the knockback were our main concerns. Thank you for your kind words! We'll definitely keep all this in mind next time we create something. Can't wait to see where you go next with nori :D

Love the name of the game! I couldnt play it though, im not sure what format 7z is but i didnt have any programs that could open it :(

Keep me posted for when you upload a web version of the game, it'd be fun to try out :D

if youve got the time, do you think you can rate our game? Thank you friend!

Hey dude, you  guys are super ambitious and I think that's really good! Still, making a game where 80% of it gets cut hurts. Especially when health is involved. if you'd like, try a smaller scope next time instead of whatever you had in mind. Usually what we do as a team is come up with an idea and then chop up parts of it until only one thing is left (core mechanic), and then we build up from there.
If you decide to try our game (id really appreciate it if you do), you can see that our core mechanic was "gems that shoot you away while you shoot with them", and once we realized what we can do with it, we started with 1 enemy and then went up to 4. I would love to see an updated version of the game if/when you do release one. Keep me posted, and thank you in advance for rating our game :D

Nice game! I think you had a few people rating it because you don't have  many pictures to back up what you've done. For next time, I think including screenshots would be cool. Still, well done! 
It would be cool if you could rate our game as well, thank you in advance!

Nice game! love the gameplay loop, it's simple and pretty chaotic. The controls were decent as well. Thanks for making this! I'd appreciate it if you could rate our game as well if you have the time to <3

The game's really nice! I finished it right now,  it's really pretty,  but i felt that there was no control when jumping (which makes sense. youre a ball). It's got a lot of speedrunning potential as well, i really like it. The way you put the barriers was really cool as well, they were all over the place but strategically placed. Like the windmill close up to the rotating one. GG :D
I'd love it if you could try out our game as well, it'd make my day!

Beautifully done game! I loved the different levels, and the caves themselves looked really good. It's how much time does it take you to draw these assets? On a side note, I love seeing Kenny's assets in games, it makes me happy whenever I see someone know him. Also, would you be interested in BEING the bullet hell? Our game features you doing something similar, so I'd love it if you could rate it for us :D

Super nice game! I got caught by the employees a few times, but i really enjoyed running around throwing vegetables at people :D
i'd love to know what you think of our game and rate it if you've got the time, too!

I'm a huge fan of games like this, randomly chosen weapons remind me of roguelikes/roguelites, so having each run start with a weapon is exactly my jam. Thanks so much for creating this! If you've got time, could you have a look at our game and tell us what you think? ty!

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Super fun game! I love how the main character looks a lil bit like someone from dragon ball. Maybe it's just the eyes though. Thanks for sharing this game :D it looks and plays really nicely. If you could try out our game and rate it I'd really appreciate it too!
Edit: i played the game again, and just like you mentioned on the post, the final wave isn't working too well, i get stuck in an infinite loop of trying to get the dragon to do something but all that happens is i destroy crystals and then rinse and repeat. Hopefully this was solved in v1.1 :D

Food fights are amazing as long as no food is wasted, and given that this is a game, i'm loving going all in here :D did you guys take any inspiration from overcooked? Everything burning reminds me of it. Maybe I'm just really bad at the game and end up playing it the way you guys have it here haha. I'd love it if you guys could try out our game as well if you have the time to rate it. Thank you :D

So much to do so much to see! Juggling control i he game is tons of fun, I'm impressed that you made the pixel art yourself, I loved the chicken a lot :D if you have time, can you try out our game and rate it? Thank you!!

Nice game, I didn't really get how it fits the theme though, unless you consider the thing in day 5 with the fish (i may have not won the game, i played it twice). It's definitely really entertaining, especially with the phone dude. Was this voiced by one of your team? I'd appreciate it if you guys took some time to rate our game as well :D

nice game! I got to the red dude that constantly shoots at you, that's definitely chaos. Would love to see more of what you'll be doing! If you have time, can you rate our game as well?

Out of respect for the jam's rules, I downloaded the main version you have here and will be playing the other version after the voting ends. The game's really fun, I get surprised pretty easily so seeing a box or chair fly up into the sky got a giggle and a tiny gasp from me every time. Would love to know what you think of our game as well, if youd like to try it out :D

Love the map, love the progression, love the enemies, love the game :D I won't comment on what others already said, so i'm just gonna tell you that this was really nice to try out! Having the modifiers was a beautiful touch too. I'd love it if you could try out our game and rate it as well! Thanks in advance :D

Really cute game! I love how you were able to create everything from scratch, it's usually tough for people to do something like this, but you did it right :D. I found it to be an interesting take on chaos, especially since you had to order things instead of mess them up. Thanks for your submission!  If you have time, could you play and rate our game as well? It would mean a lot to us <3

This is such a well made game! I love the art assets, they're adorable and really nice to see. I love how when you have to lose one of your friends they just start crying, and how you had so many different levels! I'm glad I stumbled upon this submission, thanks for making it! If you've got time, can you rate our game as well? Thank you :D

This looks so good! I'm a fan of crypto so this was tons of fun :D I loved shooting them and seeing the Number Go Up, the game was super well done. I love the feedback when we shoot, especially with all the explosions. You really hit the chaos theme on its head. I'd appreciate it if you dropped a rating on our game if you have the time to play it as well!

Liked the game! It was cool, the numbers were a bit hard to click on, but still! I loved shooting the enemies and definitely felt the chaos in it. If you've got time, please try out our game as well, thank you :D

Great game! I liked destroying everything as an elephant, it'd be so cool if we could play as other animals as well, but given that it's a week long game jam, i really liked it :D
if you could try out our game as well and rate it, id really appreciate that! Thank you in advance

Love the voice acting! I must admit, I didn't play it as many times as I would have liked to, especially with the unskippable intro. Still, nice game! I read below that you're gonna update the game, please ping me when you do! 
If you've got time, can you try and rate our game as well? Thank you :D