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I'm not safe making pizzas at night! Something is here with us as I burn pizzas, something that wants to cause problems for us. 

Neat little game with a few good jump scares. Would be interesting to make a bit longer (less text typing) and put the character into their own nightmare for what happens at the end? Had a slight Minecraft meets retro feel. Good concept. 

This game is unique with the slight retro feel. As you go about searching for the Mimic, you'll meet some people you probably won't like. But, you may want to deal with them instead of the Mimic. Short game with a hint of a suspenseful side as you go about your search. 

Neat little horror game! Don't check out the noises for your own safety...but of course, you know will... 

Short, fun little horror game. The jump scares will get you a bit! Can't believe they killed my lights...Don't answer that phone to go into work! 

Back once more for another game from Ask Games! Paranormal Place is going to be a creepy and fun horror game (this is my link to trying the demo). There is a reason why you don't go to abandoned places by yourself to blog! 

Thank you! Look forward to playing more of the game.

Home Snatch is an interesting game that will make you not like being home alone - ever! Interesting perspective of being one of the mysterious abductions. Good job on the first four chapters. will be interesting to see the next chapters! 

Have played all of Korvinrular's games (find my videos on YouTube). Very interesting getting to try their first game they created! Though short, it does play on the fears of darkness, wandering lost, and having the feeling that something is following you. Don't worry - you have the chance to get out... 

Interesting concept! The gnome and I are definitely not friends. Twist ending! 

Pretty neat game made in just a week! Are you trapped? Is something there? Or perhaps you're just crazy? You may not like boxes anymore... Interesting puzzles. 

Quite impressed for this made in just 2 days! Going from peaceful to jump scares gave the game just the right edge for the short length of time. Don't ever touch the Easter Bunny's eggs! 

Almost have gotten through all of Korvinrular's games! This one teaches you shouldn't have gone to look for those missing... 

That creature didn't want me to leave in the car! Good atmosphere for the game. 

The Hospital is a short, fun and creepy game. You don't want to be stuck in this place! If you do a sequel, multiple endings? Overall, recommend! 

Thanks for making the games! I think I've gotten through all your games now, lol.

I like this game. It gives you the chance to try the demo before buying, and the price isn't expensive. You play for just under an hour, while still getting some scares and being able to follow the story line. Being stalked in this game will set you a little on the edge. Have played several games from this developer and look forward to the next one.  

Fun little quick game, with a hint of horror. Creative and interesting!

Got to try it out - interesting game. Quick and easy, but will make you think twice before helping someone out that you don't know who they are, lol. 

Interesting short game! Don't go camping with Paul: 

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I thoroughly enjoy playing Ask Games. This one, Beside Myself took about an hour. Pretty good jump scares. Puzzles were reasonable in figuring out. Remind me to try NOT to go to abandoned hospitals... 

Down into a mine you go for money! When you find out what is there, the money is no longer worth the job...Interesting premise. Game was fun. My little bit of torture was wandering around a little lost in the mine, lol. 

Your games are fun and give a nice, edge of horror! I think I've got through all your games or close to it, lol.

This was a fun indie horror game. Love the 90s toys that showed up as Easter eggs. Working in fast food with the cows standing around can be deemed not quite safe... 

I really liked this game! The grandmother scared me and made me not want to stay in that house...ever, lol. Interesting premise to it. Good design and amount of time to play the game.

Fun, unique short game. As a kid, I didn't like opening a Jack in the Box. This game reminded me why! 

Here is an unique, short horror game. I found two endings to this game. Out here, surrounded by water and rocks, your job is simple: light the the lighthouse. It seems to be simple, until you have to help someone out there on the waters make it to safety, though, deep down, you know that won't happen. Pretty good for Scream Jam. Should make a sequel to reveal more of the thing that waits for us. Good job on the music and the ambience of the game!

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Depends on a person's perception. Under 30 minutes for me is short (ran about 15). However, short can be a good thing, as was with this game. It had a dark atmosphere with an interesting premise. :)

I admit that while I fed the entity, even with the locked doors, I still had this fear that I wasn't safe. I mean, to be fair, DON'T leave one person by them self to feed something so dangerous! I'm just saying...

The game, though short, had a good amount of jump scares. You go to clean this place for money and come to find out something evil is here watching you. I blame the owner for this! 

This game was as it said, very short. But, I think the surprise at the end was the best part of this short horror game. Fun! 

Though short, I liked this horror game. The retro feel was the first part I liked. Then, for me, it was that every time I went grocery shopping (man, I was I ever hungry!), something changes, gets just a tad What makes it worse on you, is of course (spoiler!) lights go off at one point and you discover what is REALLY wrong with the grocery store! I completed this game in about ten minutes. 

This was a fun game, though short and your task was to simply go on a slide. Why did this make it a fun horror game? Because each time you went on the slide, something changes, subtle at first until creepy. Until you realize something is there with you, that perhaps likes humans a bit too much? 

It was a fun, interesting game, though short. I like the retro vibe to it and having more than one ending. Gives you a couple of jump scares without going overboard and still leaves you pondering what is going on. 

This game had quite the jump scares and gave an unsettling feeling. Of course, I ended up on the wrong floor! I tried to blame the elevator, but that most awesome deadly person down there on that floor didn't accept my answer.

Though the game was short, I did enjoy Never Apart. The game has quite the unsettling atmosphere and has some good jump scares. The ending is not what you would expect, which is good! You think you're alone here, but, you're not...

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Though the game is short (under 30 minutes, coming in about 15, for the creator of the game, 20), I liked this game. There is something that is watching you as you, the kid just try to earn some money in an apartment building, where, things don't seem quite right or safe! Short can be a good thing, as was with this game. Give it a try!

I like the story concept about this game. You try to go help your brother, who apparently has a lot of problems. You don't want to follow your brother, because there is something sinister behind it. Beginning was a smidge slow in picking up, but it did explain the story quite well. The game does have some good jump scares and gives the feeling of being followed. I shouldn't have tried to save my brother...

I like the concept to this game. Though this was the demo, it still freaked me out being in that house and even around it. Only bug I hit (until I reset the demo), was if the creature starts to make noises and you get outside before the door slams shut, you won't be able to get back inside. Staying inside with the creature gives you a good jump scare! It's a demo, so bugs can happen. Really enjoyed the demo and look forward to the whole game.

I enjoyed the unique art style to the game. The doll creature constantly staring at you and then suddenly disappearing, will give you creepy vibes. I got to the end, but the enemy kept killing me (it was my fault, lol). Good job on this job creation.