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Ashiya Kiyoshi

A member registered Jul 05, 2019

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Ah, okay!

I am only getting three endings regardless of choices I make, and all are bad. I see there are a couple left locked, but can not figure out how to get them

Most cheats are patreon rewards in games on here friend. :)

I did that quest. Twice. In the same playthrough XD I finish it, get told I got it, then nothing. Not in my office, inventory, and no option to use it when sneaking.

So, I did the quest to get the invisibility potion. And yet, there is no potion in my office, inventory, and the stealth events keeps saying it would be nice to have an invisibility potion. I did the potion quest twice now.

Ah, alright, most games simply dump you back at the main menu XD

Can't get the key from the guard no matter what I do, even after the teacher tells me to speak with them!

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I realized after I found the laziest handymen in existence XD

I can not figure out how to get to route 7 to clean it up.

No matter what i do, I cant get past the beach quest. Either she is unsatisfied, or she is but nothing happens.