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A member registered Apr 10, 2016

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Could someone please tell me how to change the control for aiming? I figured out shooting but not aiming. Although, last time I tried it was with Beta 2, so I may be a bit outdated.

at least some controls so that I can aim or something.

please add the alt to aim and the cntrl to shoot. i have a mac laptop and I just can't shoot like this. I'm very disappointed that this feature was taken out, please add it back. If it's not added back, I may as well delete the game, which is a shame because it truly is a great game. I can't shoot at all.

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Yes, I'm commenting again. I saw a comment briefly complaining about the ALT + CTRL feature. I actually really like that it's included. I only have a Mac and you have to put two fingers on the mouse to right click (aim), which was straining for me, seeing as I've used my right hand on the mouse my entire life, so it's really weird to use as well. Please don't take that out.

Thanks again!

This game is great! I haven't noticed any bugs so far. I have a few suggestions:

- a tank

- a settings menu that controls the sound

- a few more (types of) guns, although I think there's a fair variety of them already. This suggestion isn't as major as the others.

- shields (take a look at Fuze from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege). In my opinion, they should take up a slot (like where the rocket launcher would be).

- more landscapes

I do realize that this is a beta, and I think it's very well done so far. It's a really entertaining game. Thank you!

Thanks! I had already just thought to myself, "screw it", so I'd skipped ahead and like eight people died. Or something. I'm going to start the game over because it's really still enjoyable.

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Potential spoilers.

So I think I'm still just going through training, but I'm at the one with David Finley. I've reached the file titled "Target Location", which is password-protected. The hint is: Word lies in the red. Below is a list of every password I've tried:






Screw this

Please help me. If you have any ideas or know the password, or even just want to give me a hint, please do.