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im kinda confused as where i should use the warehouse key... i can't find a door to use it :(

I finally got a chance to play it on PC and almost cracked when I see the picture of 9 and 6. They're beautiful people. 

The game crashes when I tried to open it on my Mac...

Sadly the game doesn't work on OS Catalina...

Thank you for your reply:"(

I really want to try out this game as it looks amazing, so I plan to play on my friend's PC!

the game looks super cool... sadly my Mac wouldn't open "Game"..

Thank you for making this game! Saved me from quarantine. Feel free to delete my previous comment as it spoils a bit about the game.

Ive only played the very beginning and the funny part is that I accidentally sold one carrot to the blacksmith and couldn't get enough carrots to make a carrot cake. By no means to obtain more carrots, I had to start all over. This game is super stylish and delicate in details!

hi! I dowloaded the Mac version, however, my Mac says the game cannot be opened...