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Ooh that would be great, thanks! Love all your games by the way!

(Slight spoiler warning)

Hey, so is the "Father" end the true end? I'm thinking no but I've only managed to get endings 2-7 so I'm not sure what else to do. Any tips on getting the true end if there is one?

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I played through a few times and I'm only missing Shanrae's bad end. I think both the guys are great, but I like Seth a little more since he makes me laugh and his good ending felt a lot more heart-wrenching to me. Between the two he's definitely the one who's harder to get along with, but I'm glad that Riilai calls him out on his flaws and that he shows that he's willing to compromise.

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Just played the demo and I loved the art, characters, and the setup of the story!! I also wanted to say that I'm really impressed with how Riilai seems like a sexually empowered woman as t isn't all that common in otome games. Most otome heroines tend to be more modest (which is perfectly fine in itself), and the sexual characters are usually villains. It's pretty refreshing to see another perspective :)