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The atmospere (especially the music) and writing made me tear up. Nice little game :')


3 years late, but:

Tenacious Hunter- Grinbles spawn up to 4 in a given room, but you get +50% damage 

Fractuous Arcanum- when you overcharge your magic condenser (use too much magic), some amount of your bits explode out of you and disappears after a few moment; but you get +25% magic bit drops from enemies and obstacles (it shouldn't affect other magic bit sources if I recall correctly)

Captive Magician- Blue moves like they're constantly on ice, but your magic recharges 50% faster. Or 25%, I don't remember this one

(it's probably going to be like 6/7/8 years)

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Рад знать, что вы в порядке :D

Удачи в других проектах!

10/10 (realistic score)

Me whem, when a, am , cool game :D

FYI when I wasn't able to place my "input", I just hovered my mouse all over the place and some strange placements were allowed

That's how I got those sticks'n mushrooms floating :0

Also you can just infinitely place "up inputs" on the top of the middle tree

Aaand if there is a "2 inputs wide twig" and it has a mushroom on each "twig space", you can remove the space under the first twig and destroy both mushrooms

Love discovering bugs :3

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Pretty cool :)

Although it has some bugs that I did exploit :D


One-shot the final boss on my first playthrough with a triple arrow bow, half empty backpack, gems for damage and 3 energy producing items, no armour

Good game!

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My best scores!

It was really hard but I regret nothing :0

(Challenging everyone to beat my scores >:) )

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 Cool game :0

This is Sun-bee-am :)

By my accounts he has: 440-450 items and more than 600 bees

His stats:

Too many bees

Basically can't be damaged, 99%  chance of blocking a hit

When hit, goes invulnerable for 10 seconds

Each enemy drops  more than 20 coins

Enemy projectiles don't move

Bees deal too much damage... I can't use them though, they are in space my dude

Bees shoot stingers that are actually deadly and  they do it from all sides

All bees found on flowers are in pairs more than 99% of the time

Items are not always, but very frequently on sale

A single stopm from this fella will kill anyone 

Beeconomy is useless to him because he broke the economy

But most of this stuff he can't use because when he enters a room, it instantly ends, it ends so fast, the timer flickers not on 1 or even 2 but on number 3

My bees are.... somewhere?

Now is time for trivia!

Each world has 18 rooms with enemies, 2 shops and 4 flower rooms

A full run has you going through 54 boo-boo badie rooms, 6 greedy shop rooms (best rooms) and 12 bloomy flowery rooms with peons in them

Rooms go in an order (e-enemy, F-buddy, S-slick shop):


Cool game!

The movement is simple yet has many uses and complications similar to Celeste which makes this game so fun and rewarding to play and you guys made it in 3 falking days!

But it's not just the controls that are SLICK but all the aspects! Music- groovy and catchy, level desing- challenging, intuitive, some levels are like a puzzle to solve, graphics- majestic pixel art, cool desings and I love da chick spin, + all of it runs smoothly... atleast for me that is.


Btw, 3 world heavily reminded me of the worm level from Spelunky- very similar music, regenerating dumb'os and the feeling of slight discomfort which actually makes it good, not even gonna explain why to those who haven't played yet or who happen to not enjoy the world


got not that far in bonus rounds, wave 23 and then my game crashed :0

Had to close it through task manager, all I have to say is- "Hello :)

This is clearly a joke my guys