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Finally got a federation long verdict drug loop original build

This dude has viking aim XD

I think he means the total of the upgrades you chose

How do I check my answer

you have to kill the dogs to get exp

Yes it does, it's a bigger bulle

Just keep grinding

what is that

Zoom out

I can! (I'm also on MacBook btw)

I got softlocked with the cat toast inside a room with a can and a vent.

ARealRat honestly grew on me, I love this game.


Bunnies suffer under the ravages of capitalism.

But can you murder him

I wish I didn't have to kill the cyclops everytime.

Massive L

Great canon pokemon game

Pretty good! I did unfortunately fail the first time by running out of sacrifices, but I enjoyed it anyway!


I have the fireball spell and all the other stuff, but I don't know what to do now. Is there something destructible?

Pretty good

Sorry if this is a bit late, but it is the time on the clock times 2 done twice.

I think the pawn turns into whatever piece you picked for that round.