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No problem! I'm glad it worked out. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you enjoy the game!

It seems as though your extractor or something is making the files renamed with the path in it. Any more missing file errors should be solved if you just rename any that have "HentaiQuest" plus whatever folder name it's in to the original name. Or use 7zip to extract your files if there are too many. I think that should have no issues

That is very strange. Hmm there isn't any file called that in the file I've uploaded. I think it should be ok to rename it to "RGSS301.dll". Hopefully that should be the end of the issue!

Your issues seem to be with the extraction process or maybe access to said files. Both of those files should be in there. What are you using to extract these files? Where are you extracting them to? Somewhere that requires administrator properties?  

Hm, I don't seem to have that issue. Try re-downloading. Tell me if it works.

There's a trophy room in your house that allows you to revisit scenes. There's a reward if you unlock all of the scenes. And new game+ is hard to implement sorry. :p Thanks for playing!

I'll certainly look into that for the next game! c:

lol funny how that turned out. Anyways thanks, and good luck!

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you for the feedback I will  certainly have to figure out how to make that more conspicuous in the future.

Simple yet fun adventure! I like all the endings!

No, no it makes it very tense!

I've finished it! Thank god you didn't have a limit on the sprint lol. That said I played through a couple times to get the words the voice says in the end(though it changes?). Well (SPOILERS)as far as I can tell the 4th time I waltz into the bathroom the voice says"You know that she deserved this." Believe that the "Two lines" are the pregnancy test? Other on the plane ticket? c: My best guess is that the two blood stains on the bed are the two people that have cheated. And that you've gone and kill both then yourself in the bathtub. This being some limbo/afterlife. Didn't read the street signs so may have missed any meaning in there but too busy getting the hell out of dodge for that lol! Very neat! ^^

Actually no I got too spooked, I'm definitely giving it another play through! XP

Neat game. Really like the monster design or however much we can tell from the description and image. I really like the first ending, think it's the most creepy. c:

Oh the music had me SPOOPED!! Very scary!

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It was a ride! I love the format of this! The surreal atmosphere was pretty great, clicking on things felt fluid and use of photos were brilliant! A+ writing! Really good music! Only wished it was longer. ;D

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Very suspenseful game! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I had a hard time finishing it, but it was pretty good!

Loved the gameplay and style. I had alot fun with it! Is it randomly generated?


Neat game! I like the artstyle. Bit on the short side but very interesting. 

Fun and neat game!

Could be.. Could be...

That... That's part of the mystery. B)
But let's just say, he met an unfortunate end.

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Oh, I hope it didn't affect your mood too much.  :c 

The ending is made to be vague, as either you protected him, he manages to escape or whatever. I wanted the player to imagine their own scenario as to what your character would do. Personally I like the idea that you selflessly protected him with the charm you got. I appreciate the kind words though. 

As for a sequel or prequel, I'm not too sure yet. I'm going to shift focus to other projects for a few months. But I'm certainly not oppose to making one sometime in the future.

Also I saw your comment to my gamejolt page aswell. Sorry I didn't reply to that. I was thinking about how to respond. c:

Oh it's not my music at all! I used alot of music from various sources that lend their music out for free. You can check the credits for all of them. Most of em are from this artist.

^^ Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

yeah, lmao I was just trying to finish it off. Thought a giant orgy finale would not be a good idea lol. c:

I don't know about a sequel yet, but I appreciate the thought! xD

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I will look into it. You should probably use a fresh save though yea. :3 Sorry for any inconvience!

Thanks for playing and the support!

Edit: It should work and yes the old save shouldn't work at all since I have a really inefficient way of doing things and making multiple version of the same map with different conditions, Sorry!

yeah sure, go for it! ^^

Thanks for the report it should be fixed now. I'll have  a update in about a 2 week or so depending on how fast I can manage. 

I don't have mv. c:

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Oh whoops. I'm really sorry I didn't have the time to thoroughly check through this build at all. I'll have a fix uploaded asap.

Yeah that's the end of what I got so far. It's not meant to be playable yet, I just forgot to close it off. I mentioned it in my quick fix update.

I will have it fixed in the next big update. 

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Definitely not! Thanks for these reports D:

I'll have a fix uploaded asap. Sorry bout that! :p

Thank you! :D

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Hm. :x

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :DD

This was a very enjoyable playthrough. I am humbled by all the feedback. Although I don't think you should check out my other game though lmao.

Glad you enjoyed it! ^

Fun game, controls are tight!