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Hey sorry not much I can do from my end, You can check out the gamejolt page, or check arcsharp's comment for a fix. It's a few comments down.

Steam release is def on the table if it does well! ^^ 
Thank you for the suggestions and feedback about spacebar interactions and movement speed, will def put em on the list! ;D

Thanks for the generous review! I really appreciate it! ^^

Game is pretty short as it is admittedly. So not likely sorry! ^^'

Haha yeah I was aware of the exploit, and was wondering if anyone found it! Thought it was a fun lil thing ;d Thanks for playing! ^^

Thanks! ^^

Aw thanks I'm glad you like the game! Thanks for the feedback I'll certainly consider some fixes for the game ;D

Glad you found a way, but I didn't implement that. Sorry! ^^

Thank you! ^^
I probably should've spent more time thinking up a more unique name, but it's what it is unfortunately! ^^'

In all likelihood, no. I don't have any experience in it and the software I use doesn't support it. Sorry! ^^'

No android version I'm afraid, sorry!

Hey sorry I'm not too familiar with how this site works so if it's on my end I'll try to fix it. But for now you can just try downloading through gamejolt that appears to allow it. Thanks! ^^

Monster Girl's Labyrinth by Asephy - Game Jolt

Thank you for the feedback! ^^

The glitch with death has been fixed and the walk through walls in that room.  Thanks for catching that! 

As for the translation, sure! I'll dm you sometime!

Haha, nah it's not likely that it'll get any updates anytime at all been working other things. Thanks for the interest tho! ;D

Hmmm I unfortunately don't really have a discord or patreon as of now. But I do try to keep tabs on the comments and twitter(If I ever manage to decide to post updates in my gd life lol). Uhh other than that feel free to dm me on twitter or post the comments down here and I'll try to respond in a timely manner! :O

It's def on the list to do ~ ;D

Doesn't exist :o
Think it's a lot to manage and I hear lots of horror stories involving those to try tbh lol. Sorry! ^^'

Hadn't thought about it if I'm honest lol

Think you can do a good deal, just has alot of limitations. Using the Desktop version 2.3  

Gamemaker 2 ;D

It's ok, thanks though, I'll look into it!

Thank you! This is valuable info ;D

Thanks for the bug report! Just found the cause of this bug and will upload a fix later tonight ;D

You don't need to mouse over to the reg burger just hold on the menu. And read the amount of ingredient you need. Hope this helps!

Could you tell me what you were doing when it crashed? I am uploading another build of the demo in a day or two with alot of fixes. Sorry about that! 

Thank you! I'm going to try and update the demo later, and post future plans and stuff! c:

Thanks for the feedback! I'm going to try and upload an update with general qol/bug fixes and post a general update with planned future stuff in a few days or so!


Thanks for the feedback! Will look into the hit boxes, Thanks for playing! ^^

I would say so yeah!

Thanks for the feedback! These are helpful suggestions, I'll look into some of these!

Ah, good catch thanks! ^^

Nice! Thanks for the valuable feedback! Your inkling is correct. Hoping to make it have a "route"/dating sim kind of progression. And events and things to do in town are def a priority!

Thanks for the bug report! Will look into it ;D

Will look into it, thanks!

nice lol ;D

I'll try to release a version soon c:

Thank you so much for the helpful feedback I really appreciate it! The non con stuff will probably not be too prevalent in the story, atleast for what I have planned so far, so I will def keep that in mind!
Thank you for playing!

Yeah, will def try to add that in a future update ;D

Thank you! ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! You are correct in the chronology.