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Thank you! ^^ Great playthrough!

Added a zip! ^^

Gamemaker 2 actually! Not too sure yet but probably more resi-evil like tbh ;D

Ayy thanks! Thanks for playing! That was a fun play through!

Alt+Enter should allow you to fullscreen :3

Not yet I'm afraid! Though for the boss you're suppose to kinda draw him to a spot and walk away when he lifts his hand, when you're at  a corner you can't  really escape! ^^

You save when you interact with the save cat on the 6th floor, or in the elevator. Just press space on  any slot. :3

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You could say that, but it's closer to all there is rn. It's a work in progress, and I'm adding to it as I go. :D

Thanks! glad you liked that little detail! ^^

Thanks! ^^

Ayy thanks! ^^

Will do! Thanks for playing! ;D

Thank you!^^ 

That was a fun watch! Thanks for playing! lol

Ayy Thanks!^^
Think I'll have an update soonish!

Dammn this was pretty fun! Loved the puzzles! DENOUTTADEN

I managed to beat it! ^^ Really fun and cool concept! Loved how you did the boss and darkness. Also really cute!~ 

Really nice art, and fun!

Ayy thank you!~ Jesus, your icon tho lmao

haha, ye c:

what are you taking about? No one that pets dogs can be bad! :3

Sweet! I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a pleasure watching your playthrough. ;D

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! You're correct the UI is an effect of engine as well as my laziness. =w=

Thanks man! I appreciate it! ^^

Thanks! That credit goes to fia glas! ;D

Glad you enjoyed the game!

You might be thinking of the chzo mythos games.
Also I've made another game if you're interested.

yeah lol

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Oh there's more to the story you can escape the monster! just know that double clicking in the same place stops you so it slows you down.

Made another point and click game! check it out if you're interested!

hey man! Thought I tell you that I made another point and click game if you're interested!

Nice! Hope you like it!

np, hope you enjoy it!

Glad you liked my previous games! I made another one in a collab! check it out!

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Made another one!

Got another game, if you're interested!

No problem! I'm glad it worked out. I'm sorry you had to go through all that. I hope you enjoy the game!

It seems as though your extractor or something is making the files renamed with the path in it. Any more missing file errors should be solved if you just rename any that have "HentaiQuest" plus whatever folder name it's in to the original name. Or use 7zip to extract your files if there are too many. I think that should have no issues

That is very strange. Hmm there isn't any file called that in the file I've uploaded. I think it should be ok to rename it to "RGSS301.dll". Hopefully that should be the end of the issue!

Your issues seem to be with the extraction process or maybe access to said files. Both of those files should be in there. What are you using to extract these files? Where are you extracting them to? Somewhere that requires administrator properties?  

Hm, I don't seem to have that issue. Try re-downloading. Tell me if it works.

There's a trophy room in your house that allows you to revisit scenes. There's a reward if you unlock all of the scenes. And new game+ is hard to implement sorry. :p Thanks for playing!