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Only one as of now! ^^' There are some scenes story wise though

Ah I see. Please give me an email I can use to privately contact you with.

Sorry to hear that, if you haven't already tried these solutions please give them a go. How to access your purchase - Let me know if it doesn't work, and I'll work something out.

Thank you! ^^ 
I will look into these issue for the next patch!

Hmm, I won't divulge too much, but I will say that I meant more so that Elis is the most straight forward route. I'm planning on making Rin's route more sexually active and lewd. And Noel's is a secret for now. It's not to say that they won't get happy endings! ^^ (Although not guaranteed either)

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Oh noo I was afraid that would happen. That's a really good suggestion. QmQ
I'm def implementing what you suggest. 

I know it's not much but you can edit your save files with notepad at Users/[ComputerName]/AppData/Local/Femboy_Burgers.
The value for Elis's affection meter is e_affection

If you still wanna see the route. Sorry for the inconvenience! ^^' 

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Not sure I can do anything about it on my end that'd be on GamemakerStudio's part.
Run Older Programs in Compatibility Mode in Windows 11/10 (
if you've tried everything here, and it still doesn't work I'll put a warning on the game page. Thank you! ^^

You can now, haha
I realized I had setup a  payment system that was kinda wack but you should be able to now.

Hey! ^^ good to hear from you!

Sorry if it felt as though of your feedback was not heard, shifting priorities, time and energy makes it hard to manage this project honestly. But know that it is taken seriously! 

I do agree that the the bj scene is of lower quality, am planning on redoing! ^^'

Thank you for the bug reports, will work on them as soon as I can! ^^

Also alot of really good qol suggestions! And good point about the coffee, I am going to aim for an easier interface in the next patch before delving into the next routes!

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Oh sorry about that! That was an oversight in the sprite creation! it should be 4x burger, 3x lettuce and 3x tomatoe! Thank you for the bug report it'll be fixed in the next patch! ^^

I understand, I plan on releasing on steam when it's fully completed! ^^

Ah good catch! Thank you! ^^

No, but I'd consider it after I release a full version. ^^

I haven't released any updates, as of yet. Sorry!
Also, I just hadn't updated the name. heh ^^'

End of the year-ish is planned! Thank you for your patience ! ^^'

No. Sorry it's not a priority. And I don't have the know how right now.

Hey, be nice.

Thanks for the understanding! I'll do my best though! ^o^

broo... \(ToT)/

Thank you! ^^ Though I think I can't accept help just yet. I do appreciate the offer!

Ah thank you for the information! I hadn't even known about that feature until now! You've given me a lot to think about! ^^
I'm glad you think so! It'll still take a bit so I will have time to fine tune some things. 

Well it seems I'll be able to make it so with the comment above, but a part of me wants to limit the purchase to $5 because I fear not being able to finish the full game and taking money. ^^'

Thank you appreciate it! ^^

Thank you! Am doing my best! ^^ 

Not quite what I had in mind haha, but very interesting theory

yeah, the demo is just update to fix initial bugs

They are not actually in the build. The updates are just to inform on where in development I am on at the moment. Sorry for the confusion! 

Hmm very interesting suggestions! I'll look into some of these in the future. Thanks ^^

Oh yeah infinite mode will prob be an option in the game without having to beat it! Ty for the suggest! ^^

Honestly making a mobile port is out of my sphere of knowledge right now and not too much of a priority. Same goes for gameplay vids. Sorry! ^^'

All adult content is removed from gamejolt in general :c

Just the one ^^

Think antiviruses will flag any exes not on their list as trojans :I

Hehe yes, good catch. ;D

On this game? No, will be working on other games tho! ^^

Fair warning though, there is a scene of "blackmail" scenario, ^^' 

Sorry about that! I will add that warning immediately! There shouldn't be too many scenes of that nature in the full game, the scenario of just having alot of guys pile on was moreso my main focus of the scene and not so much the rape aspect. Hentai Quest has some frisky scenes but I don't think it pushes the envelope too hard. Again sorry about the lack of warning!

Hey sorry not much I can do from my end, You can check out the gamejolt page, or check arcsharp's comment for a fix. It's a few comments down.

Steam release is def on the table if it does well! ^^ 
Thank you for the suggestions and feedback about spacebar interactions and movement speed, will def put em on the list! ;D

Thanks for the generous review! I really appreciate it! ^^