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It was great! The story, graphics, everything!

The only thing I would say is that you should have added detail to the two dark blank rooms. Also, optimization may be a problem for people with less powerful GPU's, so maybe a quality setting would be nice! I got around 120-170 FPS with my 3060Ti.

My heart is broken.

I want to cry.

Please play it.

And find out why.

Thank you so much dev <3

before it ends that level you can see how many seconds are left! beat the third level had on second remaining! or compleated it in 19 seconds! forth one is super hard so it will take me a bit! btw this is awesome! 

level 1 I got 18 seconds and level 2 I got 17 seconds!

sleep forever

holy shit good job it is a game ware you beat people to death

not bad got it for free