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A member registered Jul 30, 2018

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I've made myself a new challenge, S Rank everything using only my head xD Going to stream it when games done lol.

Yo, here you go my man Fizzd already got you my man.

Can't help perfecting something I love doing :D

Already got that one and S'd that one too, looks like I'll have to wait till then.

Any others in the demo for me to find or will I have to keep my grubby paws clean of them until full release?

No problem you deserve it. Just found the little headache thing, nice touch.

2000% one of my favourite games ever and it's not even out yet! Found the game by accident about a week ago and I've played it more than half my games. Keep up the great work and am excited to get the full game when it comes out.

Keep your rhythm going!