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but what's the content ;-; 

i had the same because i was using an old save

just click delete save right?

ohh update, hype

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the blight worm vore is bugged

it says it has legs 

edit: i know all the vore uses a sample text rn but the sample text doesnt work for blight worm 

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there should be a give up mechanic to see scenes after youre really really high leveled without waiting 50 turns 

lust system moment 

nice update

still hoping for a lust system tho


hey I missed opportunities to get some party members, is there any way to still be able to get them now?!

talk to him lmao 

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main quest gets you atleast 30000

the map icon shows you your quests 

(the spooky house is a pretty easy way aswell btwbtw) 

just realised the unreadable text is just people having sex pfft

omfg it's like the log game 

looks cool, will probs buy on more cgs being released

guy made an account just to say this, shoutout 

i still wait 

it really really, REALLY shocked me how much effort was put into this ngl 

a/s keys

my guy does, factually, have no balls

as in he has no balls visible

you know it


public sex content ...?

demoneater mb???

cool but why my man got no balls

also maybe add like pit play and shit like let me smell the pits and bush like 


is there a guide .. .

Summer Paradise community · Created a new topic cool


cool game but yall know nintendo gonna kill 

nah i kinda get it like some of the writing is bit cheezy

im pretty sure there were posts on their instagram 


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hey in future could you have a way to turn off M/F content aswell as the inverse 


HISOKA?!?!?!bungee gum


cool but im pretty sure the images in this are ai art.. which is bad obviously 

also are the backgrounds ai art? Idk they just dont look made by a human

ya like jazz????


it's like bread in a donut shape

new update?

Unveiling community · Created a new topic HE YB LUE NW

what is your opinon on bagel?