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A member registered Jun 12, 2020

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Thanks you so much for accepting my request!

Hi, Miss ledge climb sprite! 

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Thank you very much for being active on the requests! it is extremely fun! you really deserve support !

I love your style, but in this pack it's hard to know which sprites correspond to which states. would it be possible to categorize the sprites? example: Idle, Run, Jump, Die, etc.

No worries, thank you for your response!

Hello, have you considered making more characters or enemy packages soon?

I just started with game dev, and I enjoy your design!

And another question.. :) You think you can make UI set ? I think it's a good idea with your talent !

Oohh ! can't wait to see that! And thank you :)

I love it ! Good work.

Can you make new animation of this ? climb animation and enter door ?

Tank you !

Hello, I bought your tileset and I really like it, good job! But I would like to know how you managed to make the background darker on your screens? thank you in advance !