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please dont read this if you dont have played the game yet.....your game is really good but i found a few things that maked this game a hell of a lot to easy in my opinion 1. you can go in a combat zone draw a full hand leave instantly and you got a full hand use all fireballs on enemys that cant spot you from the distance until they are dead 2. you can combine trap plus relocate to get youself a minion spawner ghost this gives you a square of protection around you and it fights for you  combine this with the first trick and you got permanent 2 relocate and 2 traps if u want to 3. if you use the stone card at an enemy that is at a wall it grants you an insta kill for all enemies except the 4 health slimes 4. i dont know if this was intentional but you kill with the lightning as many enemies as you want say like 4 enemys in a row gets killed by your lightning spell and after it i just press right click and you got 3 turns left so i can use my poison cards to finish the round  ... but still i think your game is great i hopr there is more coming in the future