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I know that your assets are not CC0, so if I sell my project with your assets I have to give creadito.

Thanks for that


I liked your work and I congratulate you for it, I wanted to know if you will later sprite like this but in 2D platform, since I am creating a game and it is commercial, and I wanted to know if your assets are licensed, since if you have them add it in the information, since I've been looking for the CC0, and I do not know if yours should be added credit or not.

Thank you

A really great, but if you are asked for specific creation sprite, I could do it, obviously you tell me how much it costs.

I'll give you an example of the sprite I need:

From this sprite I need, enemies, bosses, character among others.

Thank you!

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Beautiful job, query has more sprite like this? and I can modify the colors and structure for my commercial project.

And to use them in my commercial project, I credit to what name ?.

Thank you!

Hello friend, this is your sprite, I wanted to know if you are doing character pack? as enemies, epic enemy etc? If so, what would cost a pack? Since I need one that is of this same design, because I also need that the character can make the effect that pulls arrow, attack, jump, strap, die, etc.

Hi friend, you have a character editor but pixel, style "", because I need an edito so, thanks

thank you very much, beautiful skin: D

Already a friend, thank you very much, since even having all icons in 32 bit would be great, since several use MV, and consult can I use it for commercial use?


Hi friend, do you have an equal package but 32x? Greetings.

ok thank :c

Kenney, si pueden creen item de tienda ya que igual estoy creando una tienda con las plataformas 3d si pueden seria genia gracias slds

Ojala ra halloween cree Sprite :D

Hola buenas compre el pack, pero cuando salgan nuevas actualizaciones como las conseguir, por que es de por vida las actualizaciones cierto? Gracias Kenney.

Hello good buy the pack, but when updates are released as I can get, that is the true lifetime updates? Thanks Kenney.