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this pack is great! however, none of the path tilesets have a 4 way intersection included :( could you please add them?

i love your work so much! could you perhaps include a small interior for the tent? i would really appreciate it!!

man i just love your work. i want it all


your work is great as always!

I love this. Looking forward to making something fun with it! :)

looks great! i love your packs :)

I used this asset pack in my game Little Culinary Game! The sprites are amazing! Thanks so much :)

I used these backgrounds in my game Brick Chillin'. Thank you for providing this excellent work :)

I used these tracks in my game Brick Chillin'. Thanks for the awesome work!

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I'm using this asset pack to create a new game! Check it out if you're interested :)

Please post any bugs / display issues etc. you find here.

This music rules!! I used it in my game Shooty Clicker:

Hey there! Just wanted to let you know, I used your gun sprites in my game Shooty Clicker:

Thanks a lot!

Hello! Just wanted to let you know, I used this card pack in my project: Little Tarot:

The art rules! Thanks a bunch.

thanks for your feedback :) I'm not sure why you're not seeing the reload speed cost. Could you possibly post a screenshot?

Cash per shot is determined by the gun as well as your level. The magnum should generate $1.5 per shot while the pistol only generates $1. I will keep an eye on and adjust these stats as the game is tested.

Shooty Clicker community · Created a new topic Feedback

Please post your feedback for Shooty Clicker here.

  • Introducing: Prestige Mode! Upon reaching level 1000, you are able to reset your progress in exchange for 1 level of "prestige." Every prestige level gives a slight boost to your ore/moon rocks per tick, making future runs faster!
  • "Wealthiest Stations" leaderboard has been replaced by "Prestige Levels" leaderboard
  • Fixed the "too much xp" issue
  • Fixed some minor issues I can't remember
  • Citadel is now on the Google Play store!

Thanks for your suggestion :) I have been thinking of adding some sort of "prestige mode." I'll look into this this week.

ok i will look into this. thanks

  • Moon/Ore Processing upgrades are now significantly cheaper
  • Fixed hangar slider issue where you couldn't slide to 0.3 or 0.7
  • Volume/SFX now displays properly
  • Changed the "tick" sound. The old one was driving me nuts
  • Reset leaderboards
  • Fixed another idle tracker issue when player goes idle twice in a tick. Everything should be good to go now.
  • Added "credits"
  • Adjusted rates. Ore/Moon Processing Upgrade now increases yield by 10% per upgrade
  • Fixed issue with idle tracker not working correctly when player goes idle before their first tick
  • Adjusted rates again. Getting there
  • PG/CPU upgrades now give a flat +45 to each
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  • Idle tracker now accounts for midnight and no longer gives infinity xp
  • Adjusted all rates
  • Fixed some sound issues
  • Added star field background

ah yeah unfortunately for a browser game the only storage option is the browser cache. This will be solved when I release desktop and mobile versions of the game.

looks like I broke something- my character has infinity XP now lol. Will be working on this today

  • Game now tracks and applies ticks from time spent with the game window minimized/out of focus etc. for a better "idle" experience

Thanks for your feedback :) this is something I've been looking at already, and I think I found a solution which I've now implemented. I'll be testing it over the next couple days. Feel free to let me know how it works for you.

  • added sound effects and music
  • Added "MAX" buttons to refinery and factory page for easier building
  • Fixed issue where some ticks weren't working
  • Power Assembly and Central Processor levels now save correctly

done :)

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  • Added tick bar
  • Increased game height to account for mobile keyboards
  • Adjusted all rates

Announcing my new game: Citadel! 

Citadel is an idle, incremental, text-based "space station" simulator. You play as the commander of a new space station on the edges of explored space. Build up your mining fleet and collect ore and moon rocks to upgrade your station and compete for the top spots on the leaderboards. 

Citadel is currently in ALPHA EARLY ACCESS which means features and mechanics are subject to change, your data may be erased and all your progress may be lost. The purpose of this phase of development is public testing and feedback. Once I feel like the game is ready, I will progress development to the beta phase in which Citadel will be released on the Google Play Store.

Citadel will always remain free-to-play and will be supported by your generous donations, and in the future by ads on mobile platforms.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my game :)


Citadel community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Post your ideas here.

Citadel community · Created a new topic Devlog

Updates to the game

Citadel community · Created a new topic Bugs/Issues

Please post any issues or bugs you run into here.

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these are great. i would love it if i could have them with transparent bg!