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thank you for this <3

Hint: you can put more than one of the same ingredient in the tea :)

oh, your comment about my comment being touching is also touching,, we have created the best positive feedback loop

hey you made me cry

really beautiful art and moving story, reminds me of all the friends I made and left behind in dreams :')

The part with the moving box along the line was a little frustrating as it resets if you go off the path, I think it would be better to have it not reset and just get "stuck" instead until you move in the correct direction!

It happens every time, unfortunately! I'm on Firefox.

This is really cute! The art and sound are lovely.

My problem was that I wasn't sure how to use the orb, as it was unclear what SPACE did. However, it's a beautiful and atmospheric game! 

It's a lovely, relaxing game with gorgeous music. Well done!

This looks like a really cute and fun game! Unfortunately I am having trouble opening the journal :O the button does not seem to be clickable!