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when we will get linux ?

i have opengl 2.1

i get a eror when runing th ame ARNING: [GLFW3 Error] Code: 65543 Decription: GLX: Failed to create context: GLXBadFBConfig WARNING: GLFW Failed to initialize Window metro: /home/arydev/Downloads/metro-source/vendor/raylib/external/glfw/src/window.c:504: glfwSetWindowIcon: Assertion `window != NULL’ failed. Aborted (core dumped)

cool but the music is not karlsonvibe


no all web games dont work for me what gls uses the game?

i cant run the html i grt a black screen

why is not for linux

you want to participate at godot wild jam with me?

my dicord tag please contact me : arydev#6245

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i posted this and after i knewed that idk if i can participate in this jam becouse i cant  in wekend anyways if you want frobably another jam 

i am on discord arydev#6245 i realy want to participate in a jam with someone also i am 13

i let you to submit it

Oh hi i am arydev a python new programer and i learn godot so i have a game check it on my acount i wold like to join a team i want a person that knows godot

Not pro. Thanks

looks nice idk if fits my game

now after a bug you can run the game