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Pretty entertaining, I'd also like to use WASD or arrows to walk around instead of the mouse though. Had a few times where the cannons would fire just in front of the raft, so maybe manual aiming or something to improve the auto-aim?

I would like to see a more fleshed out full game, part upgrades, maybe certain flotsam used for specific things rather than money value alone. Also salvaging from the pirates you take down, and hopefully find some clothes floating around somewhere.

Playing through a handful of horror-ish games I've gotten recently, this stands out as something I need the full experience of. Gameplay is ever-evolving through command prompt, to text adventure, to graphic adventure, very good job of leaving me wanting more. Can't wait, instant purchase when finished.

Very interesting, text based adventures can be really fun or really boring. I think there's a good balance to keep text walls to a minimum here. With some playtesting there could be a bit more support for non-direct responses. Good job to make someone care about the AI support and personal history with it.
(Only one playthrough, probably with bad ending)