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Cool, I'll try it again. I didn't want to just play the whole time either, I tried to sort of see where a spirit should probably be first, so some kind of cue will help. Also, Ihave to say I love the atmosphere the game has. Just imagining being this dark ages violinist playing some eerie composition through the streets at midnight. Now I know what I want to be when I grow up, thank you! :)

I'm having trouble finding the last one, is there an *extra* one you can't collect? She seems hidden, so I'm not sure if I got some bug or not.

Trying to avoid spoilers, so i don't want to just watch another's video. :)

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Besides typing your own words or trying the community ones? A lot of letters have multiple recipes, so I guess you could challenge yourself that way (if you haven't yet). Then I think it would just be minimizing everything you can, less factories, feeding multiple letters from the same machines, making it faster/more efficient, etc.

I would like to see lower-case added, we just need a way to make a dot I guess...but then numbers or non-English characters there's a lot of potential.

Wow, I would not have come up with that, thanks.

That was fun, just a bit challenging and definitely makes you want more. Are all the user levels possible though? I'm struggling with "S" now. :)

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Yeah, sometimes they are simpler than you think or need to be done a specific way.

*hint* How would you make a "Y" combining two other letters?

Also the recipes you've unlocked are in the journal, even if you made one accidentally in another level it would be there.

What do you mean? To support you just pledge on Kickstarter, the link above goes to his website which has another link to the campaign page, or you could just search it on KS.

The game you can download (demo only atm) from here or Steam, once you pledge I think there's a link for an updated one, but there's not much else in there yet. A little prologue and cutscene, the main bit is same as the standard demo.

Well that's cool, would we be able to have them signed as well?

Is it ok if I don't have a C64, but still want a disk? :)

Fun>Challenge. I don't appreciate intensely difficult games, so I like that there isn't much to make you fail here. With just a little challenge added, 
there could be a great game here.

I generally use Doomsday, is there any way to get it working there instead?

Yeah, it would be better to sit for a second while the other eyes light up behind, then cut to black. Otherwise pretty cool though.

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Well I went to check out the game, and then played for at least two hours. The city is limited, but all the upgrades and such make a compelling reason to keep advancing.
Please add some autosaves after major events.

The look and feel of this game makes me want more, even before reaching the end of what is available.

I have to say that getting gold might be a bit too easy. Maybe reduce the money reward, supplying water became an issue a few times, but I never had a problem paying for anything.

-Started a new game and realized I was playing on easy the first time. It's a little more balanced on normal. :)

That's cool, I always loved the unlockable costumes in the old RE games, I'll be following through the development.

I'm upset I missed the Valentine special, will all the extras possibly be in the finished version? *fingers crossed*

Pretty entertaining, I'd also like to use WASD or arrows to walk around instead of the mouse though. Had a few times where the cannons would fire just in front of the raft, so maybe manual aiming or something to improve the auto-aim?

I would like to see a more fleshed out full game, part upgrades, maybe certain flotsam used for specific things rather than money value alone. Also salvaging from the pirates you take down, and hopefully find some clothes floating around somewhere.

Playing through a handful of horror-ish games I've gotten recently, this stands out as something I need the full experience of. Gameplay is ever-evolving through command prompt, to text adventure, to graphic adventure, very good job of leaving me wanting more. Can't wait, instant purchase when finished.

Very interesting, text based adventures can be really fun or really boring. I think there's a good balance to keep text walls to a minimum here. With some playtesting there could be a bit more support for non-direct responses. Good job to make someone care about the AI support and personal history with it.
(Only one playthrough, probably with bad ending)