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very epic remix of the title theme

you know

This was really fun! It's simple but challenging enough that you still feel satisfied when you solve it.

rot13 spoilers

V qvqa'g xabj gung gur tvzzvpx jnf qvntbanyf. V trahvaryl gubhtug lbh unq gb tb vagb gur svyrf naq rqvg gur yriryf lbhefrys, juvpu vf jung V qvq.

I wasn't that big of a fan of the first one, but I really loved this!

insane how you post this after i beat babataire after days of attempts

good game

It was fun, but I tried to do a second playthrough and it started me with the full party and all of the event flags checked. It was immediately after finishing the game doing only resolution stuff, so maybe that factored into it.

I would love if you could say "I hate you" at some point in this.

git gud

I did captioning and audio transcription for a while and got paid jack shit.

This is absolutely accurate.

Fun game! Ending felt a bit anti-climatic, but I liked the level design. It feels nostalgic for some reason, like a better version of the browser platformer games I would play in my youth.

I don't have the chance to play the level in full right now, but I am loving it. It's nice to go back to something easier after the insanity that was King.

Also, I just noticed that only one more member of holoMyth is left. I hope this game will keep going even after that once the holoCouncil girls put out their own music.

Loving the new update, but this new map is way harder than the last two. Glad there's some new challenge, though. Keep up the good work.

wo ai beijing tiananmen
tiananmen shang taiyang sheng



Lots of fun, and such the art really remains faithful to the original! 10/10 would cum again