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awesome! that will be so cool

wish there were more types of troops and a way to do a fort tes

im playin

can't switch weapons

more stages

it is totaly james bond

maybe there could be pro level where the enemies shoot at you and please add multiplayer mode

how do i restart

Thank you! maybe in a future update you could upgrade your heroes

are there any relics that can make you more powerful? like grants regular attack.

what are the controls

thank you!

maybe you should make another one on a grander scale

where can i get full version

hi, how do you “phase” with “the shadow”

hi, i have downloaded and would like to edit for fun with gdevelop, how do i do this

Maybe in a future update you can upgrade weapons before battle. other than that, incredible game. i'm hooked

why does it keep kicking me out when i press mouse buttons sometimes

good , glitch stuck in a loop of levels 14 15 1

Great game, but I wish that there were walls. and, like Madhoux, I wish I could destroy buildings. other than that, thought that it was a really cool game. looking forward to updates