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Thank you very much, and i'm glad you liked it, such kind of support is very important to me

don't worry, i can give you 99% off coupon, just for u! so you will have to pay only 990$ :)

Thank you for the support Kalash_a, much appreciate it <3

Bruh moment. I support your opinion, and i will try to do all my best to satisfy most of the players and my subs by my future games. 4.2 / 5 rating confirms, that the game is pretty good, i just saying :D. BUT, I think that "usable criticism", related to the other users, is not necessary, instead you could explain you opinion in detail and i will be happy this that. It was my first game, and there is no way that result would be perfect. Thank you for your video and time spent making it. I will definetely take in the count everything you mension in your video, best wishes

and you r right!

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye :D

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Hi fearspear1! Please, make sure you clicked the right "Download" button, then it won`t be difficult to extract file using WinRar or 7-Zip

Exactly this kind of comments encourages me to keep working on my game-development skills, thank you!

Hey! I am really sorry about it. i recommend you to try free web version here. Most likely it will work better for you

well, thank you for your reply. I understand the problem of shortage of the free time, as i am indie developer too :) . Good luck in your further projects!

Hi, i am indie developer. At the moment, i am working on adventure-pixel game. I really enjoy your style of drawing. is our cooperation possible? Please, write me an email (, we will be able to discuss in detail all the information, including payment. Regards, Artyem

Thank you for your report! I will take into account all these comments to prevent them in my next projects

Hi, it`s very strange, not one person out of 25 thousand has no problem with brightness of the game. I advise you to watch the video walkthrough ( this for example), you can find a flashlight at the beginning of the game, good luck!


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Hey, try to unzip and to run the game. Otherwise, you can play the game on the Y8 website (

Of course, write to me at for further discussion.

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That's possible, could you elaborate?

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Hi. unfortunately I can not help you , because the support of the game is over. I can advise to update the graphics driver or not play on fullscreen mode (very interesting, all fullscreen games always worked...) P.S sorry for bad english))))


Thank you for funny montage video! Key was on the bed...

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Max Horror


Gameplay by  

Alpha Beta Gamer

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you can try to download zip archive in your browser

Thank you for amazing gameplay video!

Hello, write exactly what error

Gameplay by 

Famed Killjoy

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Thank u for your video!