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Arty the Second

A member registered Sep 27, 2021

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Thank goodness, that was getting annoying

This games great. Found it on

Seems like a first grader in sunday school was bored and came up with this. I love it. Its sad I dont know what a gameboy is. but great game.

Is the new update going to be released here soon?

Love this game btw :)

you have to complete all of the tasks for that planet, then click the menu, then next scenario to get to a new planet

if ur running out of stone, turn off some or all of your machine parts and refined metals factory and make sure you have people working in the stone mines.

lol ok thx

guys is there like an "end" to the game I've finished literally everything and I don't think there's anything else to unlock

very messy, I know, don't judge me.

what i do is put all the stuff that's necessary at max, and all the other stuff at zero. like if u have 1000000 machine parts and not enough stone, just turn off the machine part factories and set the priority to zero, and stone priority at max. or if there's a task to complete or whatever.

i gotta say, ive tried and i cant find a way to export it. sorry.

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build more stone mines and rock teleporters and make sure the priority for those is at max

also can u update the game so it runs when u are on a different tab?

hey, im having problems importing and exporting from coolmath. when I click the export button, nothing happens, and for the import button, I get an error. same thing with creating new worlds



is it still possible to export from cool math I'm clicking the button and nothings happening?

oh well

i got not quite 2000 park pods but close.

also are u going to update the coolmath version anytime soon?

- Arty