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Artur Łączkowski

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Publish company I’m working with doesn’t have plans to release my title on that platform. For now there is only Steam and maybe consoles in the future.

It's not that. My project I am currently working with big company is not yet published. Not even title. Also it will be on steam, not My twitter is a place were you'll find all details

It's nice to see you believe in me! Yes, my current project I'm working on gonna be really deep and scary. For now I can't say much but all news about my upcoming title will be on my twitter :)

Yes! Head over to my twitter for all news. I have in plans to create complete PT experience.

Yes it is. Just plug in your controller and play!

Yes, many videos. Still someday I want to buy PS4 with installed P.T.

No problem bro. To be honest, I never played original P.T. too :( 

Great gameplay, thanks!

I think you need to download entire .exe file, yes

In bathroom there is everything working okay, try one more time. I’m sure you doing something wrong. Also in the description there is instruction what to do if game opens in windows mode. 

I have no idea why, try to update your drivers or/and create shortcut for application. 

Thanks, yes! Game will be updated and there will be added more loops and stuff. Also controller seems to work ok with me. Contraols are left trigger for fast walk and right trigger for zoom/interaction

Thanks, check out my Devlog for list of changes.

Unfortunately no, but I will try to make that function in next update.

Game is now updated, give it a try.

Np mate

Thanks, haha.  Also guys, keep your volume at 100% at all times!

Thank you very much!

Hmm yeah, that is a problem not only with you. Yoday I will release updated version!

Oh I will, thank you!

Haha, thanks

Sorry bro, don’t speak spanish :(

Thanks bro! Yes, if you have monitor that supports this resolution.

Thank you my friend! I’m working on a update right now. Stay tuned

Today game will be updated, stay tuned

I will make an update soon, stay tuned!

I gave my best, thanks!

So I know that you don’t know probably nothing about game development, but some things I just cannot done. Also in game development there are many tricks in case of what you see, so get used to it man. I will update a game really soon with things I can do, but don’t expect miracle. Thanks for the support tho. Have a nice day

Check out this thread:

It is .exe file just because many people don’t know how to extract a .zip

Thanks I guess XD

Thanks mate

WSAD - movement

Right Mouse Button - interaction

Give this guy a beer

Glad you liked it. Also great walkthrough, I enjoyed it! 

I will try to add this option in an update, also right mouse button is for interaction.

I will try to do it in an update

Thanks man, unfortunetly I can’t optimize game for settings lower than low with this level of quality and details :( 

There will be an update, thanks for playing