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Can you save your game? Can't seem to find any menu button or instructions.

Gave this a shot after reading about it in the r/OculusQuest subreddit. I LOVE the vibe and the lo-poly aesthetic.

Since you asked about the locomotion system.... um.... one of the least engaging in VR I've experienced yet. It's not the action, which makes sense as a walking action of sorts, it's the slowness of it. I think it would be greatly improved with increasing the "reach" i.e. let me move more with each pull. As it is now, it's VERY tedious to get around.

While I realize this is a very early prototype, I would think about using some tried and tested locomotion mechanics, like free roam on the joysticks, or teleport. Best of all possible worlds, options to use whichever locomotion system the user wants. 

Great frickin' start though! As a walking sim fan (Proteus, Shape of the World, Journey, I'm always excited to have a new lo-poly world to explore.