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Thank you for the kind words! NecroNancy is a Mapper 30 NES game. To make it work on your DSi XL, you could download a program to hack the ROM and make it Mapper 2 instead. 

Video of gameplay can be found on YouTube, here...


Absolutely incredible! Way to go CutterCross!

I submitted this as an entry to the 2020 ByteOff challenge. My focus has been on my 8-Bit Zeldavania game, Dungeons and DoomKnights. You can grab the demo ROM for it at

Way to go SJ! Your games are THE BEST!

Wicked graphics! The title screen is magnificent.

Love the animated title screen! Did you do multiple palette swaps to achieve that? O_O

Absolutely amazing! Completely blown away.

Looks amazing Chronicler of Legends!

Added the Heavy Metal remix of the Boss Fight song to ChronoKnight's download .ZIP file. Please enjoy!

Heavy Metal Re-Mix of the ChronoKnight theme song "Villains of Time" just posted on YouTube.


Thank you Pigeonaut! Clarion really leveled up his pixel art on this project. Really proud of how he made the game look.

Hiya Terrorose! Crazy, right? The official submission guidelines for ByteOff 2020 required Itch.Io so I made an account.