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yeah i know i was being stupid, but i get very pissed at people who are just.. so unnecessarily mean to other people 

dude that's a prank that people who thought they were smart played in *elementary school.* plus, if a game gives me instructions, i'm not exactly on the fucking watch based on the chance that it might be something to mess with me. there's no need to try and be condescending on a joke game that is *also* about elementary schoolers 

I AM ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME.. i would do anything for a full version where there actually is an end goal of collecting enough to get out, but im in love with it as it is, so no pressure <3

never mind, figured it out through a video of someone playing it! although if you'd maybe be able to add a walkthrough, im sure lots of people would appreciate it as well :0 

i cannot figure out how to do the flower puzzle for the life of me

the "cheat console" joke is genuinely not funny. i have shit on my computer and not everyone saves every five seconds

this game is absolutely amazing, i'm seriously so stunned by it 

ahhh okay, by the time i got to the face on the ground i had assumed it just wasnt letting me interact with anything so i didnt really try haha. thank you for explaining!! im very excited to play the game :) 

i feel incredibly stupid but im currently stuck because i cant figure out how to talk to anything. i was able to talk to chase after he let me loose in the world by pressing enter or clicking on him directly, and i was able to with lola as well, but i couldn't talk to any of the other characters.. im really really confused 

ending 1/5 makes me SOB im so sorry strawberry oh my god-- i knew it would be fucking horrific but i always wanna get all the endings so of course i did it but  J E S U S 

ohh okay, awesome! thank you so much for explaining :) and sorry if the explanation of no other kin was somewhere else on the page, it can be hard for me to read large amounts of text 

so i had a question about this as well, simply because it's the only thing i can think of that would be keeping me from progressing. i've unlocked flare, sevros, and alek, and all of them are absolutely maxed out on affection and have all their preferred settings, but i haven't levelled up to get another character yet. the two reasonings i could think of was that i was missing something with one of them, or that i just had to speed through the days until something changes. 

if there isn't anything i can do about sevros' lighting, what else can i do to get reputation points and level up? 

also, small recommendation. to make it more official that you don't have to worry about sevros' lights, maybe after asking him about the lighting it can give the "correct lighting" pop-up? and change how the conversation replay shows up in the "ask" category, because all the rest of them say things like "diet still good" while the lighting one just says "lighting conversation", so it kind of makes it seems like i haven't completed that section yet 

(1 edit)

i left the lab with the flashlight and its just dark? when i press f its making the click sound, but no light is coming on :( im gonna try and reload the page 

edit: okay i think it was just a glitch :) but yeah, if this happens to anyone else, i guess just reload it! 

the red and white screen is a maze! use your arrow keys to navigate through it, and if there's no opening in the white, press the back key. things will pop up on the screen as you progress, close your eyes to get rid of them 

i just got past it! i guess it was that not all the shelves had been done, but i circled around all of them multiple times and it said they had all been organized :/ but! i literally just now got the freezer prompt, so i think it's all good now :) 

i just started playing this game so i dont have much to say about the actual story of it, but i can say that the art is absolutely gorgeous and i love that the very beginning of the game (unsure if this theme continues) is literally just going around stealing everything you can get your hands on

:( i watched a bit of someone else's playthrough to make sure i didn't miss anything, and i seemed to have done everything right? but in the video, they checked all the shelves until they were prompted to check the freezers, and i haven't had that.. i even restarted the game completely, it's still the same 

does anyone know what i can do? 

people complaining in the comment sections are weird. there was literally a warning before the game.. and it's clear in the previews.. y'all knew what this was gonna be

thank you for the warnings!! :D 

just as infuriating as a real gachapon! /j 

really though, i adore this game :) im having a hard time getting 3 of the items as im typing this, but i love the theme of this, the style of it, and the functions of the actual game! 

would you be able to supply some warnings? :0 i'm interested in playing it cause i like this kind of thing but knowing that there may be particularly triggering content in it, some warnings might be good for me as well 

i dont understand how these little furries managed to appear so very transgender but i love them for it 
i hope they're happy </3 

aromantic fox! aromantic fox!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't know how to put into words how this game makes me feel, but just know that it's absolutely amazing. it's aesthetically beautiful and feels so genuinely artistic

hopefully comforting reminder/reality check for anyone who saw this and got upset like i did!!!!

this was part of a game, absolutely no animals were hurt in the process of this or because of this!

(also this is not meant to be negative to the person who posted this!! this is an extremely cool feature of the game, although very sad and scary! i'm just extremely sensitive with this kind of thing so i wanted to add a comment just offering help to anyone else who might have been caught off guard by this)

someone tell dr. d light i love him

THIS GAME IS INSANELY COOL!!!!!!!!!! I won't spoil anything, but I would recommend looking up a tutorial for this game, just in case!! I personally prefer video tutorials cause I can skim through the previews to find the place I'm at and not accidentally get anything spoiled by reading ahead! This is a game that is also absolutely ruined by spoilers (if they bother you), so be careful reading through these comments!!! Anyway, I didn't expect this game to be nearly as amazing as it was, but this is officially one of my favorite games on here!!!!!!!!

It's very possible that this is already in the works, but I wanted to say anyway that I'm sure a lot of people would appreciate having a character that is solely gay, similar to Rosita!! Really just for representations sake I guess, but I think it's also fun to have more characters that are friendable as opposed to dateable!