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This fun plot concept made the game shine. There is a lot of such flash games with one-button gameplay, but this is the best of all. 

Great game, love the idea of a unique fight with a giant boss! The artwork is amazing! The gameplay is simple and hard at the same time and even tries with the same generation feel fresh and exciting. It was kind of nostalgic to play this game, remineded me of other great titles I played when I was a boy. Hope it will get the attention it deserves.

Good luck in development!

Awesome game! It runs so smooth, while a lot of action is happening on the screen. Even with op weapons such as "Omega flak cannon" it is so fun to play. Sprites look cute and original. Hope this game will get to MiniJam.

Good luck in development!

Cute little game. Really enjoyed the artstyle

Game is pretty much undone. 

While playing, faced some troubles:

The problem of the game is mechanics. There is a delay in shots in jumps. Enemies aren't "hard", they are just unbalanced, they shoot for too long.  Jumps are too tricky and badly used in levels. Levels are poor. The "cave" with always spawning enemies is laggy, when amount of enemies reaches the cap, game starts lagging around 1 fps, while my pc isn't even hot.

I hope you can fix such problems

You can make a great game.

Good luck in development! 

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Great puzzler with a good idea! Design is cute, but I found the dialouge with green computer in a room with learning how to dash  a bit disturbing. Still enjoyed the game.

Good luck in development! :)

Cute, little puzzle with a good concept.

Awesome game! I really enjoyed playing it!