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that game is wonderful i would play it a million times

i just stacked smurfs dancing until my ears couldn't take it anymore

this game should have a restart button and some itens that i can use

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the level 2-6 is also very hard because the bug

the bug is still happening but seem to happen only when i am close to walls

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world 5 level 7 is impossible because of the eagle dash that is bugged

obs: I use windows

short game but it is amazing i would play more of this

its a short game but its fun anyways

it shoul have a way to cure myself

this game is so cool but it has to have more levels

it looks like celeste

it is so strange but its fun

best plataformer ever

best game i ever played

it is a good platformer but needs more attacks for the player

i loved this game but it should let me disable motion blu

its just good

its a great roguelike but we should have more energy

only 3 levels