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This is awesome! Very professionally made.

This is very good, the 2d20 narrative resolution is so clever.

 very interesting suplement, just one typo, the picture info also show in other page without any picture.

BTW, thanks for all the content you do for Mörk Borg, you could offer some type of compilation with all of it together. Really great.

this look so awesome, some much content and possibilities, some advice, you could use the site “thispersondontexist” to generate a realistic portrait of a fake person so don’t need to use portrait of real life actors.

i was so entertained yesterday playing this. So fun! Any chance to make an Advance Edition in the future with the same system?

It’s a gift! (Insert Boromir picture).

Seriously it’s a very useful tool for the Solo RPG community. Thank you for this.

I was thinking if is possible use this system to create a journaling game at style of a farming simulator games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Could be a relaxing style of game.