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Aaah, that explains it, yeah I got it through a Bundle. I'll pay the game fully when its out of EA then, very impressed by this!

I managed to download this game and play it, it was honestly amazing, however I haven't been able to find the steam key to add it to my Steam library, is there any way you could help?

I play this game all the time on the train, its a bunch of fun and definitely a reccomend!

Thanks bro, I'll do my best to refurbish this!

Just what I needed for an angry baker hellbent on revolutionising the art of bakery.

What a game, this is incredibly enjoyable with just enough challenge. Everything's polished, and just cool. Love it.

This looks grand

Bloody love this

Official build with aesthetic additions now fully uploaded, a HTML build will be added soon :D

Definitely note that down...

I'll change his particle effect to bright red so ppl might see him. The reason for the wall is just to ensure you don't step over your wife, but I'll fix that C:

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I'll change the color of the line from grey to pink, so ppl can see it. Thanks for playing, and yeah I plan on adding more levels today.

I love the idea, once you understand that one guard is blocked from being used, from then on you can guesstimate which guard the opponent will be taking. I love the idea, and the dialogue really helps. The game is rather static in visuals, but if there was one thing I'd like to know, is if the enemy is in Attack or Guard mode. Other than that, I like it!