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Found a bug. You should be able to return to the base when on a mission without finishing the quest ....You can return if go into the hole without a mission tho xD I would do that to gear up and then do the missions.

Its a shame it was so short. i like the atmosphere of your game. Maybe i get to play a finished game from you one day :D 

I have now played couple rpgiab games and must say the click to attack combat is jank across the board. I liked the shooter part of the game quite a lot tho. I had a bug in the one man massacre . i was not able to shoot on the second map for some reason .

I like the idea of having multiple games with different playstyles in one game. 

Keep on exploring those concepts and make something even cooler.

Fun  little game. i had a score of 60 ....i guess i missed some stuff. But i missed stuff in the 90s!

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It would be great If you guys could give me some Feedback about the Money/ Energy balance. I may have made it too hard 🤣

love to hear it :D i stole the idea with the nap from a story of seasons game ....i think it was the doraemon one. Tank you for the kind words.

ohhhh xD I will try that out then ^^

The Guildrequest did not respond at all for me. It said 0/5 snail shells while i was holding 5 snail shells xD Maybe i miss something but i tried a lot to give them my shells :D

I like the fast battles in this game ! Not really much to say other then that xD Short but nice.

I like the concept and the look of the game.

There seem to be some issues with the guild request. They dont want my nail shells :D 

Also the balancing seems a little off. I dont know if respawnable enemys are the best choice here.

I might steal the concept for a future project like a goblin xD

Its a solid RPG. The fights  feel a little long considering there a random map encounters.

 I also feel like you are supposed to know the characters beforehand to fully know whats going on here :D 

Good job overall.

The people of the discord server voted for a longer submission phase. 2 more weeks to craft your project .

I sadly cant play this game to the end. I suffer from bad framerate and everthing is really slow for me ...even tho my rig is sick xD The intro was really good tho and you got more story going then most of us :D

I went till level 22. Always had over 50% Hp left. I feel its a little on the easy side ^^ But the fighting feels fun and i see potential in it if you expand on it. Good job ! Its nice to see people explore what can be done with bakin.

Im too noob for it xD Im not sure what my skills/ attacks do haha but it looks awesome.  A lot of potential here.

Thank you :D  Did you go to the island ?  The game is just a proof of concept ...there are sadly no weapons to find yet xD You can buy  some spells from the old lady at the food shop but other then that you get stronger from getting house upgrades, improving your tools, upgrading the food shop for better buffs  and using the status points that you get from clearing exploration stages.  Thanks a lot for playing the game ^^ im glad the gameplay loop kind of works .

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thank you for your comment.

The House does Change every 5 Levels 😁  i will balance stuff and work on the npcs since we get 2 more weeks to work on it now. Did you try to jump from the boat? I should include some Control Tutorials for the not so obvious actions.The whole stink thing was very rushed and needs some work 😁 thanks a lot for your input.